Minnesota 27
Nebraska 0

Oct. 15, 1910 • Northrop Field, Minneapolis

Nebraska loses to Gophers, 27 to 0

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Northrup Field, Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 15 — Completely outclassing their sturdy opponents from the state of Nebraska in every department of the gridiron game, Minnesota’s Gophers yesterday afternoon administered a stinging defeat to the husky Cornhuskers on Northrup field, winning 27 to 0 in a game marked by some of the best football the Minnesota eleven has ever shown.

The Cornhuskers, although fighting for every inch of ground and winning many admirers for their nervy and game style of play, were not in it for a single moment with the machine built up by Dr. H. L. Williams, the Minnesota coach, and directed in masterly style by Captain Lisle Johnston and Quarterback Johnny McGovern. The Nebraska were outkicked, out-charged and out-witted and they were unable to gain with any frequency through the Minnesota line or around the Minnesota outposts, and their forward passes, even when successfully pulled off, netted only small gains because of the alertness and activity of the Minnesota defense. A number of the Nebraskans’ players were choked to death in their extreme youth because of the splendid work of the Minnesota linemen, Walker, Plokering, Bromley and the rest getting through the Cornhusker advance guard and spoiling or destroying the Cornhusker method of offense before it was well under way.

Nebraska was Helpless

On the other hand Nebraska was helpless when called upon to prevent the marvelous Gopher backfield from advancing the ball. The quarter with McGovern in the role of star, lived up to everything that has been said about them, and once again proved that there is not their equal in the entire United States.

It was a whirlwind offense that Minnesota used and Johnny McGovern was the man who controlled the whirlwind. This human rubberball bounded and dodged his way for many remarkable springs, carrying the oval on an average through the game of once every three attempts to advance. Seldom did he fail to gain, and when “King” Cole, the Nebraska coach, said that if his men could stop McGovern they had a chance to win, he undoubtedly knew what he was saying. But McGovern could not be stopped, and the All-American quarterback thoroughly demonstrated that he possesses football ability that isn’t surpassed, if equaled, by any man now playing the American college game. He is a wonder.

The Minnesota line showed much improvement over their work in the Ames game. Shonka and Temple, the vaunted Nebraska tackles, failed to hold Young and Walker, the latter completely outplaying the Nebraska captain, although Shonka held his own fairly well with Young. Walker was one of the principal reason why Nebraska plans did ...

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