Nebraska 27
Denver 0

Oct. 22, 1910

Cornhuskers Beat Denver, 27 to 0

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 22 — In a one-sided game, Nebraska ran up a total score of five touchdowns and two goal kicks against the Denver University eleven this afternoon on Andrews field. Over 2,000 people filled the bleachers to see the Cornhuskers reverse the score of last Saturday against the Gophers, who walloped them to the tune of 27 to 0.

Nebraska did not find the Denverites an easy foe, but to the contrary they were required to fight for all points gained.

After the referee’s signal sounded the time for action, Cole’s men started in to the gray with a firm determination to best the team that they had heard so much about. The tie score of last Saturday between Denver and Marquette furnished strong food for Cole’s men to chew and they certainly carried out their part, especially during the first quarter.

Hardly had the contest begun then they carried the ball by line plunges to the Denver goal where it was carried over in four minutes of play. All during the first quarter Denver showed that she was as much outclassed in the game as Nebraska did at the hands of the Gophers. The line resembled a stave after a few downs in which the Cornhuskers succeeded in plugging holes. Almost every play netted five, ten or fifteen yards through the line. The aggregation woke up and took notice of ten minutes of play; then the Denver aggregation woke up and took notice of the Cornhusker method of play. From then on Cole’s men found it difficult at the time to slide through the holes they had found in the line and had to resort to kicking. Costly fumbles on the part of Koehler’s men were taken advantage of by the Nebraska players, and many times they resulted in good gains. Towards the end of the third quarter Coach Cole realized that his team would carry off the victory so he took several men out and replaced them with substitutes. Even then they were able to make touchdowns. The line plunging of the Cornhuskers was the best seen on a Nebraska field this season.

After the game Coach Koehler stated that his men were outclassed and the Nebraska bunch played a wonderful game. They took advantage of fumbles and were able to gain considerable by means of their two tackles.

Coach Cole said that they played a hard game but there were many rough edges on the part of the offense to be worked off before the Kansas game. He said he never saw his men followed the ball as well as they did in today’s game.

Denver won the toss and chose to defend the west goal. Frank kicked off to Crowley on the five-yard line, and he returned the ball to fifteen yards. Forward pass to Walker failed to gain, followed by a failure of Walker to gain ground around the end. On a forward pass by Walker, Warner intercepted the ball and ran out on the Denver thirty-five yard line. By line plunges Nebraska got the ball on the one-yard line where Harmon went over for a touchdown. Frank kicked goal. Score: Nebraska 6, Denver 0.

Hammill kicked a touchback and the ball was put in play on the twenty-five yard line. By straight line plunges the pigskin was carried to the center of the field where Nebraska was penalized fifteen yards after which Frank punted to Hammill on the thirty-yard line with no return. A forward pass by Walker was seized by Frank, after which Chauner made eighteen yards around left end by a forward pass. Nebraska was penalized after a few downs and Frank punted to Crowley, who fumbled on the five-yard line. O. Frank then went over for a touchdown. Frank failed to kick goal. Nebraska 11, Denver 0.

Hammill kicked off to E. Frank, who retuned to the twenty-five yard line. Nebraska made 15, 0, 9, 5, 0 and 1 yards and then were held for downs. Frank punted to Hammill, who fumbled. The ball was recovered by Harmon.

Second quarter—Nebraska’s ball on Denver’s twenty-yard line. Denver got the ball on a fumble after which Lofgren stopped a forward pass. Shonka made five yards. Temple five yards, Rathbone five, Frank nothing and Rathbone one yard. Forward pass was made to Chauner, but he received it back of the goal line, which resulted in a touchdown. Denver put the ball in lay on the twenty-five yard line and from that time began to make gains through the Cornhusker line.

The oval was carried to the forty yard line, where Crowley attempted a right end run. He was downed by O. Frank by the most spectacular tackle seen on a Nebraska field for many years. Walker executed a forward pass to Hammill for fifteen yards which brought the ball on Nebraska’s twenty-five yard line. Here Crowley failed in a drop kick. After a few downs, a forward pass failed and Nebraska got the ball on their fifteen yard line. Frank punted to Crowley in the center of the field. The ball was exchanged by a series of punts until the whistle blew for the end of the first half.

Nebraska 11, Denver 0.

The Second Half

Nebraska defended the east goal. Hammill kicked off to E. Frank, who retuned to the twenty-five yard line. Long distances were made through the line, after which Frank punted to Crowley on the Denver thirty-five yard line. He retuned it five yards. Here Crowley made a spectacular run around the left end for twenty-five yards, bring the ball almost to the center of the field. A forward pass netted nothing and Nebraska got the ball on her forty-two yard line. Crowley intercepted a Cornhuskers forward pass on the thirty-five yard line, after which Warner got one from Walker on the thirty-five yard line.

A punt was received by Temple in the center of the field, after which a forward pass failed and Walker got the ball. Denver gained through the line considerably. Harmon intercepted a forward pass on the twenty-three yard line, followed by a run of twenty-two yards around left end by O. Frank. A series of punts then followed, bringing the pigskin to the center of the field for the close of the third quarter. The fourth quarter was characterized chiefly by the taking out of the Nebraska men to save for the Kansas game and punting on the part of the Cornhuskers. Although many substitutes were put in, Nebraska ran up eleven points in the last quarter. One by Shonka, by a run of twenty-five yards, another by Chauner for a run of ninety yards, and another by Shonka after he had carried the pigskin twenty-eight yards through right tackle.

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