Nebraska 6
Doane 0

Oct. 29, 1910

Doane Gives the Huskers a Fight

Note: Several parts of this recap are illegible, including the latter portion.

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Lincoln, Neb., Oct 29 — The Cornhuskers were able to defeat Doane this afternoon on Andrews field by only one touchdown. The visitors proved to be much stronger than was expected, especially in the offensive feature of the game. The showing made by the Cornhuskers so far this season would indicate that they would have no trouble with the Doane aggregation and it was thought that the visitors were coming to Lincoln with a strong fear that they would receive a good walloping, but such was not the case. Cole did not, however, play his first team, for fear of losing them for the big Kansas game next Saturday. The first team men that were not in the lineup were Collins, O. Frank and Warner.

The combat started with a rush on that part of the visitors and it was not long before they demonstrated their ability play football. During the first quarter when Doane succeeded in getting the pigskin near the Nebraska goal. Korah of Doane attempted a place kick, although the oval was at an immense angle from the goal posts. His action plainly indicated his team intended to take every advantage possible to score. Several other times either a drop kick of a goal from field was attempted, each time proving ... The Cornhuskers touchdown was made in the third quarter after Nebraska had carried the oval down the field by line plunges to the fifteen-yard line. Rathbone made five yards through center, followed by five by Seldell and five by E. Frank. Rathbone then went over.

... of Doane kicked off to Seldell on the five yard line. He returned it fifteen yards. On the first down, Rathbone made no gain. A fake punt by Minor lost 15 yards. Minor punted to Korah, who ran to the thirty yard line. Possession of the ball changed rapidly until a forward pass of Wilkinson went out of bounds on Nebraska’s thirty-five yard line, but was recovered by a Doane man. Here Korah tried a place kick which was blocked but recovered. Doane succeeded in carrying the ball to the center of the field. On the sixteen yard line where Wilkinson tried a drop kick ... after which the first quarter was called.

At the beginning of the second quarter Nebraska started to plug large holes ...

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Nebraska is 16-2 all-time against Doane.

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