Nebraska 12
South Dakota 9

Oct. 8, 1910

Cornhuskers win from South Dakota

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 8 — Two touchdowns for Nebraska, one touchdown and one drop kick for South Dakota constituted the score in this afternoon’s game on the Cornhusker gridiron. Figuring the relative strength of the two teams from the result of the game between South Dakota and Minnesota last Saturday, when the score was 17 to 0 in favor of the Gophers, the result today was somewhat in accordance with what was expected. The Cornhuskers had it doped out that they would win the game, but they did not expect to run up a high score.

From the moment the referee’s whistle sound the signal to commence action the contest progressed with unceasing interest throughout the four quarters. Instead of a wide-open game as was expected, according to the new rules, the game resembled one ten years back when the massed play and close formation characterized the playing. Line plunges delayed passes and cross bucks were used continually, forward passes and end runs intermingling at intervals.

The first touchdown came in the first three minutes of play as a result of a forward pass from Warner to Frank. The second touchdown came when O. Frank, through a tackle play, managed to make his way through a field of players including Thackberry, who was playing back for a touchdown.

The other scoring by South Dakota was made during the last quarter, when Thackberry returned a punt from Frank and succeeded in getting through a field of players for a run of seventy-five yards for a touchdown.

Game in Detail

Nebraska won the toss and chose to defend the west goal. Sheeke kicked off to Frank, who returned the ball to the twelve-yard line. Shonka made five yards around left end to which Rathbone added five through center. The next play Frank carried the oval to his opponents’ twenty-yard line, where it was carried over by Temple for a touchdown. Frank kicked goal. Score, Nebraska 6, South Dakota 0.

Sheeke kicked off to Rathbone, who returned the ball to the twenty-five-yard line. A series of exchanges took place, the ball finally landing in the center of the field by an end run by Thackberry. The ball continued to work back and forth until Frank punted it outside the center of the field, Nebraska received the ball by a fumble and carried it on straight downs to the South Dakota fifteen-yard line. The ball was then brought back to the thirty-yard line for an illegal play, Owen Frank made ten yards through left tackle. A forward pass from Warner to Lofgren failed, which gave the ball to South Dakota on her twenty-three-yard line. Thackberry kicked out to Warner, after which the Cornhuskers, by a succession of plays, tore huge holes in the defensive lines. The first quarter ended with Nebraska in possession of the ball near the center of the field. Frank punted to Sheeke, who restored the oval on the visitors’ five-yard line. By an exchange of punts the ball was secured by South Dakota for a touchdown, after which it was put in play on the twenty-five-yard line. At this instance of the game the visitors made considerable gains by end runs, the interference being excellent.

Nebraska turned the tables, however, and registered a similar bunch of line gaining, Warner making six yards, Rathbone five yards and Frank five yards. South Dakota was penalized fifteen yards for illegal interference in the twenty-yard neutral zone, which brought the pigskin on the forty-two-yard line. By a series of exchanged ground-gaining the ball was left on the Nebraska twenty-five yards line, in her possession, at the close of the first half.

Second Half

Nebraska defended the west goal. Sheeke kicked to Warner, who returned the ball to the forty-yard line. A forward pass failed and South Dakota got the ball. At this juncture Sheeke executed a drop kick, bettering his team three points. Score: Nebraska 6, South Dakota 8. Frank kicked off to P. Coffee, who returned the ball to the twenty-five-yard line. South Dakota failed to gain and Thackberry punted to Rathbone in the center of the field. Nebraska failed to gain and the visitors secured the oval, after which Thackberry executed a right end run for fifty yards to the center of the field. P. Coffee slipped through the defense for twelve yards. Ground was exchanged between the two teams until finally the ball was brought to Nebraska’s forty-yard line, when Warner was put out of the game for rough talk to an opponent. Seldell, the new find in the Cornhusker camp, was put into the game, but was unable to do much on account of having received the varsity signals but two days ago. Finally Frank broke through the field of players for the second touchdown of the Cornhuskers. Frank kicked goal. Score: Nebraska 12, South Dakota 8.

Thackberry kicked off to Temple, who returned to the thirty-yard line. A beautiful forward pass to Chauner netting forty-four yards was brought back for a penalty to the thirty-yard line. Nebraska was unable to gain, so Frank punted to Thackberry, who ran seventy-five yards for a touchdown. Thackberry kicked goal. Score: Nebraska 12, South Dakota 9.

Frank kicked off to Sheeke, who returned to the thirty-yard line. The game ended with a ball in South Dakota’s possession on her twenty-yard line.

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