Nebraska 24
Iowa State 0

Nov. 12, 1910

Cornhuskers Win from Ames Aggies

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 12 — By the scores of 24 to 0 against Ames, and a feature 74-yard run by Temple, Nebraska carried off the undisputed championship of the Missouri Valley this afternoon on Andrews field. Until today the Ames Aggies had gone through the season without a defeat, having carried off the long end of the score against both Iowa and Missouri.

Nebraska’s signal victory over Kansas last Saturday put a damper on the prospects of the Ames aggregation, but they came to Lincoln with a firm determination to play the game of their lives, thinking perhaps there might be a possible chance to get the Missouri Valley pennant.

Their determination was very evident throughout the game, for not once did they allow the Cornhuskers to gain ground without considerable difficulty. Cole’s men were not however over-confident, for they played a game as hard fought as any this season.

Even the Kansas game proved easier than the game today in some respects, and had it not been for the costly fumbles in that game the score would undoubtedly have been much greater.

From the start the contest progressed with unceasing interest, there being many trick plays and forward passes on the part of the Cornhuskers. Had Nebraska resorted more often to line plays instead of trick formation, the result of which she lost the ball many times, the score would probably have been different. After the first quarter Ames though she really did have a look-in, for the score resulted in a tie. In the second quarter Nebraska rushed the ball by large gains through the line until it was finally carried over. The second touchdown came in the second quarter after Captain Temple got away for a 75-yard run in a tackle around play and carried the leather oval to the half-yard line, where he was downed by Hurst. In the next play Rathbone went over. The last touchdown was made in the last quarter after the pigskin had been rushed by line bucks to the twelve-yard line before Temple again netted the gain which allowed Rathbone to go over. During the contest Nebraska tried twelve forward passes and was successful in it, with a total gain of 163 yards. Ames attempted four, with a total gain of fifty-four yards. The playing of the two teams was an excellent example of the new style of football.

About 8,000 people passed through the gates. Temple, Frank and Rathbone were the stars on the Cornhuskers, while Harte, Hurst and Cincent did the good work for the Aggies.

Nebraska won the toss and chose to defend the east goal. Smith kicked off to Frank on the five-yard line, where he returned twenty yards. The ball was rushed by line plunges and one forward pass to the Nebraska forty-yard line, where Warner punted to Vincent on the Ames forty-yard line with not return. Ames tried a forward pass, but it was intercepted by a Nebraska player on the former forty yard line. The oval was carried to the Ames thirty-yard line where Nebraska fumbled, Ames getting the ball. Ames failed to make down, after which Smith punted to Warner in the middle of the field. A forward pass from Warner to Chauner netted twenty-five yards. Nebraska failed at downs and Frank punted to a touchdown. Ames on her twenty-five-yard line. Ames failed to gain and punted out to Nebraska in the center of the field.

Nebraska finally got the ball on its opponent’s ten-yard line, where Shonka, on a tackle around end play made eight yards, but fumbled the ball. Rathbone recovered and carried it behind the goal posts, where he fumbled to an Ames player, which gave Ames the ball on its twenty-five-yard line. Ames failed to gain, after which time was called for the first quarter, the ball not once being in Nebraska’s territory. Smith punted to Frank in the middle of the field, who returned the ball ten yards. Smith executed a forward pass, which was intercepted by Minor on the twenty-five-yard line. Nebraska, by line bucks and forward passes, carried the pigskin to the Ames five-yard line, where they were held for downs. Smith punted out of danger. Nebraska failed to made downs and exchanged the ball with Ames, who was also unable to make downs and punted to Minor on the Ames thirty-five-yard line. In the next play Temple got away for a seventy-four-yard run to the one-half-yard line, where Rathbone went over, making the first score of the game. Frank kicked goal. Nebraska 6, Ames 0.

Smith kicked off to a touchback. By a forward pass from Warner to Chauner, the ball was carried to the center of the field. Nebraska finally lost the ball on downs to Ames on twenty-six-yard line, when time was called for the first half.

In the third quarter Frank kicked off to a touchback, which gave Ames the ball at the twenty-five-yard line. Nebraska got the ball on downs and rushed it toward their opponent’s goal. Frank made five yards followed by Temple with five in tackle around, after which Rathbone went over for a touchdown. Frank kicked goal. Nebraska 12, Ames nothing.

Smith kicked off to Frank on the fifteen-yard line. He returned it twenty yards. A forward pass from Warner to Frank netted thirteen yards. Frank made six around right end, followed by a thirty-yard buck through the center by Rathbone. By end runs the ball was carried to the three-yard line, where Nebraska fumbled. Ames. Harte made three around left end, after which Smith kicked out of danger. Ames fumbled and Nebraska got the ball on the thirty-yard line. Eleven yards were made through the line. By a forward pass from Warner to Lofgren, the oval was carried to the four-yard line, where Rathbone went over for the third touchdown. Frank kicked goal. Nebraska 18, Ames nothing.

Smith kicked off to Frank on the twenty-five yard line with no return. Frank punted sixty yards to Ames’ seventeen-yard line. The ball finally landed on the thirty-six-yard line at the close of the third quarter, in the possession of Ames.

The last score was made near the end of the quarter by Temple carrying the ball for eight yards by a tackle around play, after which Rathbone went over for a touchdown. Frank kicked goal.

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