Nebraska 6
Kansas 0

Nov. 5, 1910

Nebraska beats Kansas, 6 to 0

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...During the whole game the ball was rarely in the territory of the Cornhuskers. During the second quarter the ball did not get any closer than the forty-five-line of the Kansas. Many times the Cornhuskers lost the ball on fumbles, but succeeded in making up this by holding their rivals in their line plunges.

Forward Pass Once

Nebraska tried the forward pass but once, it being successful for about ten yards. The use of the forward pass was not necessary for the reason that gains could be made by other means. Kansas tried the pass six times, being successful but once, a gain of eight yards resulting. Throughout the whole game time was taken out but twice, once for Bell, who received a fierce tackle from Frank, who was winded.

Kansas won the toss and chose to defend the east goal. Johnson kicked off to Minor on the ten yard line, who returned the oval ten yards. Minor made one yard around left end, followed by a twenty-five-yard gain by Frank around the other end. Rathbone added one, Warner ten; Temple failed on fake tackle around, which forced Frank to punt to Bell on the forty-yard line. Kansas failed to gain and Johnson punted to Frank on the fifty-yard line, who retuned the pigskin five yards. Nebraska failed on downs and Frank punted on the twenty-five-yard line. He returned the ball five yards. Again Nebraska failed on downs and Frank was forced to punt to Bell on the twenty-five-yard line, who returned five yards. The ball exchanged ownership until it was finally brought to the Kansas thirty-five-yard line.

Frank failed at a drop kick, which gave Kansas the ball on her twenty-five yard line. The ball was finally brought to the Kansas four-yard line. Rathbone failed to gain. Shonka made two yards around and Kansas got he ball on a fumble. Bell punted out of danger. Then Nebraska followed in the field with a long series of line plunges, until the ball was again brought to the Jayhawker ten-yard line. Nebraska was penalized fifteen yards for holding. Rathbone made 4 through right tackle, Warner gained around left end, followed by a fumble at the hands of Frank, who which gave the ball to their opponents fifteen-yard limit. Bell punted out of danger, and for the third time the Cornhuskers succeeded in carrying the pigskin by line plunges to the Jayhawkers’ five-yard line, where they again held. Bell punted out of danger, and the first half ended with Nebraska in possession of the ball on Kansas’ twenty-five yard line.

The Second Half

In the second half Johnson punted to Frank on twenty-five yard line, who returned the oval to the forty-five yard line. Ammons made 4 through center, Baird chalked up 5 around left end, followed by 4 more. Davidson made 3 and then Bell tried a drop kick on the thirty-yard line, but failed. Nebraska playing on the twenty-five yard line. Nebraska fumbled and Kansas got the pigskin on the thirty-yard line.

By an exchange of punts Nebraska lost the ball in the Jayhawkers’ fifteen-yard line. Frank lost five yards on a fake forward pass. In the third down he punted to Bell on the forty-five yard line. After several downs Nebraska succeeded in making a total of thirty-nine yards in six downs, bringing the ball to the Jayhawker twenty-five-yard line, where it was fumbled by a Nebraska man and Kansas gained possession. The third quarter ended with Nebraska in possession of the ball on her opponent’s thirty-yard line.

From this possession the leather egg was carried straight down the field to the five-yard line, where Owen Frank went over for the only touchdown of the game. Frank kicked goal. From that time on the Cornhuskers were able to take care of the Jayhawkers and prevented them form making any appreciable distance.

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Nebraska is 91-23 all-time against Kansas.

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