Nebraska 59
Kansas State 0

Oct. 14, 1911

Cornhuskers Easily Defeat Kansas Aggies

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Not Until the Second Half Do Stiehm’s Boys Get Busy. Score 59 to 0

Racely Stars for Nebraska. Gloomy Outlook for Game with Gophers

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 14 — Racely, the new Cornhusker halfback, featured the football contest today between the Cornhuskers and the Kansas Aggies, in which the Cornhuskers won by the score of 59 to 0. Not until the second half did the pupils of Coach Stiehm warm up to the situation, for but twelve of the fifty-nine points made were in the first half of the game. Racely is undoubtedly a “find” to the Nebraska team. Apparently the coach was satisfied with the score at the end of the first half, for at the beginning of second he began to take out the most valuable men to put in salt for the Gopher contest next Saturday.

Racely was put into the game at the beginning of the second half and remained until the middle of the third quarter. During his stay the wizard of speed registered four of the ten touchdowns, each of which was replete with sensational runs around and through the mixed up mass of Kansas players. Racely has to his credit 205 yards for the four touchdowns, besides many more yards by short end runs and line plunges. The marvelous work of the halfback commenced when he first entered the game at the beginning of the third quarter. Howenstein kicked off to Potter on the twenty-five yard line, who returned the oval ten yards. On the first play Racely was given the ball, and succeeded in skirting the left end for a gallop of seventy-five yards to the goal line, throwing tackler after tackler in the cruel breezes made warm by his flight through the air. The second jaunt of Racely occurred when he got away from the Aggies for thirty-five yards on a spurt around the right end. The third run netted forty-eight yards and the fourth twenty-three yards.

All during the season so far Racely has made a marked impression on the coach, on account of his wonderful fleet-footedness.

Last spring he established a record in the Century run of 10-15 seconds ...

Sensational Plays

The game from the start was one full of individual sensational plays, almost every Cornhusker pulling off one or two to his credit. Owen Frank and Ernie Frank, the two dependable men on the feature list, again crowned themselves with glory by chalking up many long runs through a stubbled field of Kansas farmers. The first touchdown was made in the first five minutes of play on a forward pass from Warner to Ernest Frank on the Aggies’ eight-yard line. Perhaps the longest and most sensational sprint recorded on a Nebraska gridiron for some little time occurred when Owen Frank received the leather egg on the five-yard line and galloped madly down the field, dodging a farmer at every step and throwing them off two or three at a time, until finally he planted the ball squarely between the opponents’ goal posts, thereby registering a run of 105 yards.

The Nebraska play from the start of the game to the close was a wonderful development over former years in the use of interference. At almost every play the Cornhusker man with the ball received support from every direction. The line, however, proved leaky in many spots, which is a sad proposition to face at this time, just before the game with Minnesota.

For the first time in years, Nebraska can boast proudly of the fact that the backfield is absolutely safe, and piled up on top of this fact is another backfield which today played a better game than did the regulars, as shown by the score, the first half being 12 to 0, the last half 47 to 0. No team in the Missouri valley can boast of a shift of backfields with such perfect safety as that of Nebraska. The new backfield consisted of Racely, Russell, Gibson and Potter.

No Success with Forward Pass

But little success was had on either side with the forward pass, it being intercepted many times. The pass was, however, resorted to a great deal by the Cornhuskers. Of the ten touchdowns, Nebraska failed to kick but one goal. The first part of the contest was characterized also by the ragged playing of the Cornhuskers. The Kansas Aggies seem to have got together with more harmony of action than did their experienced opponents. But one man on the visitors played against a college team throughout one whole game, he being Holmes, the line-bucking captain of the team. Hahn, the right halfback, starred in carrying the ball, while Shaffer succeeded in stopping many Cornhusker end plays and getting down on punts.

The playing of the Cornhuskers today will undoubtedly put a crimp in the optimistic prospects of the sport enthusiasts who up to this time looked for Nebraska to have at least an even shot at the northerners. Although the score was large, it does not show off with praise for Coach Stiehm’s warriors as a fighting machine. The individual playing won the game.

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