Nebraska 30
Kansas State 6

Oct. 12, 1912

Cornhuskers Defeat Kansas Aggie Eleven

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 12 — Playing on a slow field and in a game marred by many penalties the Cornhuskers defeated the Kansas Aggies on Nebraska field this afternoon by a score of 30 to 6. Nebraska’s points were made by four touchdowns and a goal from field. The Aggie touchdown came on a cleverly executed forward pass over the center of line.

The Aggies made excellent use of forward pass, making most of whatever distance they gained by this means. Nebraska, however, fell down woefully in this department of the game, trying the pass many times and almost invariably failing to make it work.

Outside of the one goal from field, kicked by Potter from a difficult angle on the forty-yard line, the Cornhuskers made the most of their distance by straight football, consisting of off tackle bucks. Time and again Purdy and Frank, Nebraska’s halfbacks, penetrated the Kansas line, doing most of the ground gaining for Nebraska. Frequently they dodged out of the melee for flashing runs of from twenty to thirty yards.

Halligan, the Cornhusker full, smashed the Aggie line for a number of good gains the first and fourth quarters, Potter made one of two good runs from the quarterback position and Meyer gained well once or twice on a tackle back. Outside of these men Purdy and Frank carried the ball almost exclusively.

Purdy and Halligan divided the Cornhusker touchdowns between them. Nebraska’s first touchdown came on a line plunge by Purdy after the Cornhuskers had steadily carried the ball up the field from the kickoff, losing it but once on downs. Kansas fumbled, however, and Nebraska recovered.

Purdy went through tackle for forty-seven yards and touchdown, the last quarter. A series of line bucks gained Nebraska her last touchdown. The Aggie touchdown came the second quarter following a punt down the field from Prather’s boot to Ernie Frank who fumbled it on the Cornhusker’s twenty-yard line. He recovered it on the ten-yard line. Howard kicked the ball back and brought it form the side to Nebraska’s twenty-nine-yard line, Kansas tried twice at Nebraska’s line and then essayed a forward pass over the center. It worked for ten yards and then again for a touchdown, Stahl carrying the ball in the last play.

The center of the Cornhuskers was weak, as had been expected. The Aggies could do nothing with the Cornhusker ends, Howard and Mastin both playing a great game. Time after time they broke up the interference and pulled down the runner in the same play. Kansas gained almost entirely through the Nebraska line. Meyer played a good game at tackle in Pearson’s place, at one time breaking through and neatly blocking a punt.

Kansas made her distance only twice. Nebraska was only forced to punt five times. The Cornhuskers carried the ball 407 yards in seventy-seven downs, the Aggies sixty-three yards in thirty-seven downs.

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