Nebraska 7
Missouri 0

Nov. 2, 1912

Nebraska team beats Missouri by thin margin

Columbia, Mo., Nov. 2 — Scoring a single brilliant touchdown for seven points to the Missourians’ none, Nebraska comes home a winner from Columbia tonight. A forward pass to Howard for thirty-yard gain placed Nebraska on the thirteen-yard line, from where the line smashes sent it over the goal, Towle carrying the ball.

This was the only score, although three times Nebraska was placed within a few short yards of the Tiger goal, the gallant defense of the Missouri line saving the day for the Tigers. Spectacular to the last degree, the Cornhusker victory over Missouri came in the middle of the last quarter after Nebraska supporters had imagined that possibly the Husker organization would be forced to leave Columbia with a scoreless tie forced on them by Missouri’s sturdy eleven.

Holding their own during a great part of the game, the Nebraska forwards proved, as usual, unable to open a hole in in the opposing wall that would admit one of the smashing backs carrying the ball over the Missouri goal. Offensively Nebraska had Missouri bettered, the backfield proving speedier, more versatile and having a vip and vim that the heavier Tiger back seemed to find wanting. Not a moment of the time but the backfield was working like demons, for the greater part vainly, attempting to puncture a hole for a really substantial gain through the wall offered by the Tiger defense.

Nebraska’s Defense

Missouri, on the other hand, although possessing several shifty plays and a heavy hitting quartet back of the line proved unable to gain through the sweeping defense of Nebraska. The backs managed to hit Nebraska’s guards for short gains, shoving back the Husker forwards by the impetus of the attack. Their end runs proved vulnerable to the Nebraska ends and halves. Howard and Mastin effectually cleaning up the interference each time and the backs downing the man with short gains. Missouri only made downs nine times in the entire game, counting the forward passes in which they succeeded.

But the line of Missouri will go down into the annals of Columbia as “considerable line.” Outweighed by Nebraska the sturdy Tiger men were on the ... instant and several times gifted through and spoiled a Nebraska play before it was well started. Burton and Wilson were the best of the linemen.

Outplayed in all the points of the game in the first quarter, Nebraska took a brace in the second period of the game. Missouri could not boast that ­­­the ball was all the time in Cornhusker territory. McWilliams and Knobel proved star ground-gainers in this quarter. This was Missouri’s only real chance to score a touchdown, the ball being on Nebraska’s eleven-yard line when Sheppard dropped back and tried a drop kick that failed.

In the second quarter Nebraska took a brace and securing the ball on its own fifty-six-yard line on a punt by Sheppard, H. Frank carried it twenty yards on an end run and Potter ten yards to the twenty-five-yard line. Frank went eleven yards, again putting Nebraska on the Missouri ten-yard line. Here trouble came, for after Halligan had advanced it six yards and Frank one yard the line failed and Purdy was thrown back for a heavy loss of nine yards and Halligan and Frank were not quite able to make up the deficit, and the ball went over to Missouri.

Some Real Football

Missouri attempted to punt, but Nebraska secured the ball on the fifty-yard line, and finding it impossible to gain downs, Potter attempted a drop kick and failed. Evidently heartened by some caustic remarks on the football exhibited furnished by Coach Stiehm, Nebraska came back and played nearer real football the second half. The ball was carried for downs time and time again only to be lost at last at the stubborn defense of the Tiger line. Obtaining the ball on the forty-yard line, a forward pass, Howard to Purdy, brought it up ten yards and Purdy and Halligan brought it up to the eighteen-yard line by some strenuous line plunges. Nebraska was penalized fifteen yards, but a forward pass from Potter to Purdy just made up the distance. Fighting up to the ten yard line Nebraska was again brought face to face with the stubborn Tiger defense and the ball went over.

The fourth quarter started with Nebraska on the thirty-five-yard line and Potter inaugurated it with a ten-yard run. Losing it; the Cornhuskers obtained it again later on the forty-five-yard line and a forward pass from Howard to Towle, who supplanted Potter, netted thirty yards. Towle carried it two yards. Harmon four yards. Purdy five yards and Towle went over the line and kicked a goal.

The remainder of the game Nebraska spent in fighting a stiff battle up to the Missouri forty-five-yard line. Purdy pulled a twenty-yard play and Towle followed by a fifteen-yard run. Frank and Halligan brought it to within a couple of yards of goal and Purdy attempted to shove it over, but was injured in the attempt and carried off the field with the ball a yard from the line. Losing the ball on downs the rest of the game was spent in the center of the field. Nebraska's total work in forward passes consisted of six attempts for long gains, three succeeding, while Missouri only gained twenty-five yards on three succeeding out of seven tried.

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