Nebraska 14
Washburn 7

Oct. 3, 1914

Cornhuskers Trounce Washburn, Poor Game

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 2—Nebraska opened the football season here today with Washburn college of Topeka. The Cornhuskers won by 14 to 7, but it was a pitiful exhibition of football that the famed Nebraskans put up. They were able to skirt the ends and buck the line, but they could not hold the ball and constant fumbling not only marred the game, but cost the Cornhuskers at least three touchdowns. Not one man in particular, but all the men who carried the ball, were guilty of the offense. In the middle of the field the Nebraskans were able to hold the ball, but as soon as they approached the Washburn goal they proceeded to fumble.

Washburn was equally as guilty, but above all the fumbling, “Pinky” Beales, the little left half, provided the feature of the contest. With the ball in the center of the field, late in the second period, Beales smashed around the Nebraska left end, dodged the first line of defense, sidestepped the Nebraska backs and raced fifty yards across the field for a touchdown. Chamberlain at one time had his arms around the Washburn back, but he failed to hold him. Other Nebraskans hurled themselves at the speedy player from Kansas and missed him, and when Howard, playing safety for the Cornhuskers, missed Beales, the Washburn speed merchant had a clear field to the goal.

Nebraska got their first score in the early part of the second period, smashing the ball down the field on line plunges and end runs and carried it over. Early in the third period, Washburn fumbled the ball on their own seven-yard line and Nebraska recovered and carried it over for the only other touchdown.

Outweighed, Washburn put up a plucky defense, and opened up in the last two periods with forward passes for short distances, working three out of five for gains from six to eight yards each. Nebraska tried two forward flips. The first failed dismally. The second, from Howard to Balls, was close to being good.

Halligan, Rutherford and Chamberlain were the consistent ball carriers for the Cornhuskers, but frequently the line failed to hold and the Washburn team had the Cornhuskers for downs twice and forced them to punt on three other occasions.

On tackle-around plays, Corri and Norris were good ground gainers, but like the backs, could not hold the ball after making the ground. Howard perhaps fumbled the least of any one. The new quarterback gained frequently around the end and found the Washburn center easy when it became necessary to add a yard or two for distances.

Amack and Balls, at end, demonstrated that they will have to have some rough spots knocked off before the season is over. Guards Abbott and Shields often threw back plays directed at them, and were successful in smashing through their lighter opponents. Cameron at center played a strong game.

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