Nebraska 48
Drake 13

Oct. 2, 1915 • Lincoln, Neb.

Cornhuskers Beat Drake

Drake Puts Up Fight, But Cornhuskers Win

Unexpected Aggressiveness in Second and Fourth Periods Surprised Nebraska

Chamberlain and Rutherford Were Stiehmroller's Ground Gainers

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 2 — First blood of the football campaign was drawn by the Nebraska Cornhuskers this afternoon. The Drake University squad was the victim. The score was 48 to 13.

The Bulldogs registered one of their touchdowns by straight football, the other came on a forward pass, which slipped from the arms of the waiting Warneck when he was tackled, and was gobbled up by Blackburn, the Drake captain, who raced across the line.

The Nebraskans were able, on the other hand, to skirt the Drake ends with ease, and when the need was apparent to plunge the line, while they negotiated forward passes handily and made more than one nifty gain as a result of such a flip. One from Caley to Chamberlain was for fifteen yards, and Chamberlain raced fifty yards for a touchdown.

It was a second-string squad that fought the Bulldogs in the final periods, and the Cornhusker second-stringers were able to negotiate more gains than was the first team. This was perhaps due to the generalship of Caley, who piloted the team in the last two periods and put the Cornhuskers through a brilliant pace. In running back punts Caley likewise ran rings around Cook, the little second-string quarter, sprinting back once for forty-five yards.

The fatal weakness in the Nebraska line, which has caused the coaches worry ever since the season opened, was apparent. Bunz, the big Drake half, and Blackburn, the Bulldog fullback, tore through the holes made by Sprong, the Drake center, and frequently nabbed Cornhusker backs before they got into action. Several times Bunz or Sprong broke through and spilled Chamberlain, once throwing him for a big loss, and Gardiner, who replaced Reese at half late in the game, was given one spill for a twenty-yard loss.

Nebraska started out with a rush and in three minutes of play the Cornhuskers were across the Drake goal, with Reese carrying the ball. The play for the remainder of the period was in the center of the field, Drake being frequently forced to punt. Thomas, Jarnigan and Bunz frequently crashed through the Nebraska forwards, taking advantage of the holes that Warnock, Spring and Blodgett opened up.

Reese and Rutherford flashed around the Drake right end frequently at the opening of the second quarter, and it was only a few minutes until Chamberlain went over for the second touchdown. Nebraska carried the ball straight down the field after the kickoff to the Drake five-yard line. A penalty sent the Huskers back fifteen yards, and a forward pass, Rutherford to Chamberlain, sent the big end over for the third touchdown. Corey missed goal on this one. An exchange of punts gave Drake the ball in the center of the field. Blodgett ripped through for a couple of neat gains and then on a false kick Bunz took the ball to Nebraska's eight-yard line, and Blodgett bucked through center for a touchdown.

Both teams shifted their lineup for the third period. Caley kicked off and Drake punted and the little quarter raced forty-five yards before he was stopped. With Gardiner, Rutherford and Caley alternating, the Huskers swept down the field, and Caley took the ball over for a touchdown.

Bunz and Riddell alternated in punting until the Huskers again took the ball down the field, with Gardiner, Doyle, who had replaced Otopaulik, Riddell and Chamberlain lugging the ball. The quarter ended with the ball in Nebraska's possession on Drake's twenty-nine-yard line.

An exchange of punts followed, giving Drake the ball on its thirty-eight-yard line. A thirty-yard pass to Warnock worked. Racing down the field with the ball, he fumbled it when Caley tackled him. Blackburn scooped up the oval and raced for a touchdown.

A few seconds later Caley got the ball on Nebraska's thirty-five-yard line, flipped the pigskin fifteen yards to Chamberlain, who raced fifty yards for another touchdown.

Rutherford, Chamberlain, Riddell and Doyle carried the ball down for another touchdown when Rutherford was sent over.

Drake fumbled the ball on its twenty-yard line a few minutes later, and just before the final whistle blew, Caley registered the final touchdown.

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