Nebraska 31
Kansas State 0

Oct. 9, 1915 • Lincoln, Neb.

Cornhuskers Beat Aggies

Nebraska Defeats the Aggies Easily

Improvement in Football Game Shown by State Uni.'s Big Team

Kansas Farmers Kept on Defensive Throughout the Entire Battle

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 9 — Another step was taken by the Nebraska Cornhuskers today to bring home one more Missouri Valley Conference crown when Johnny Bender’s Kansas Aggies were sent back to Manhattan under the sting of a 31 to 0 defeat. It was the second victory of the season for Stiehm’s pupils over a conference eleven.

Despite the size of the score, the Aggies waged a valiant battle, and held the Nebraskans scoreless in the third quarter and all but repeated the performance in the final period, but Tim Corey, the big Nebraska tackle, after two previous attempts had failed, shot a goal from placement in the final moment of play and registered another three points for Nebraska.

Corey was one of the big factors in the Nebraska attack, the Husker tackle lugging the ball for repeated gains on tackle back and tackle around plays, and in the second period he scooped up the ball after the Aggies had fumbled it and raced forty yards, registering the Huskers’ final touchdown.

Long runs were one of the features of the game. Cook, catching a punt on the Nebraska forty-three yard line, raced down the field thirty yards before he was downed. Chamberlain ran sixty yards on another play and across the goal, but the run only netted twenty yards as he was forced out of bounds, while Rutherford made a thirty-yard sprint on a fumble to the Aggies’ sixteen-yard line in the second period.

Randalls, for the Aggies, put up a defensive game that was wonderful. The Aggie wing man tackled like a demon. He repeatedly broke through the Nebraska defense and nailed plays in the making. He tackled hard and low and the few Nebraska fumbles were attributed to the ferocity of his defensive tactics.

The Cornhuskers registered practically all their gains on straight football. Successful forward passes were few and far between. Kansas registered two gains with the flip which netted two and six yards, while the Cornhuskers’ one success, Caley to Rutherford, gained eighteen yards for Nebraska. Several Nebraska tosses were interrupted by Sullivan and Wilder.

The defense of the Aggies in the last two quarters and the apparent inability of the Cornhusker machine to resume its well-oiled work was a surprise. Caley, who piloted the Nebraskans in the first two quarters, had the team working in perfect order. It looked like the old time organizations with interference that was beautiful to watch and a repertoire of plays that bewildered the Kansans and swept them off their feet. Three touchdowns were registered by straight line bucks, tackle smashes, end skirting runs and line plunges. Corey’s recovery of a fumble brought the other.

Then Cook took the helm at the beginning of the third period. Whether this was to blame or not is a question in the Nebraska camp tonight, but the machine bucked. Team play seemed to be lacking and the Aggies spilled play after play for losses. Even under the shadow of the Aggies’ goal the Cornhuskers could not register and Corey thrice attempted to kick field goals, only one of which worked.

Penalties cost Nebraska heavily, the Cornhuskers drawing four fifteen-yard losses in the first two periods for holding and two more of five yards each for offside. Fifty yards more in penalties were lost in the last two periods.

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