Nebraska 34
Iowa 17

Nov. 25, 1916 • Iowa City, Iowa

Cornhuskers Win From Iowa’s Men in a 34-17 Game

IOWA CITY — A human battering ram bearing the monicker of Orin Caley spilled Iowa’s hopes this afternoon before 8,000 homecoming alumni, and enabled Nebraska to defeat the Hawkeyes, by 34 to 17. Caley did not confine his activities to the line, but ran the ends with equal ease, and it was his forward passes to Otoupalik which did more than anything else to trail the Iowa colors.

After the first quarter, the Nebraska eleven opened up a deadly combination of straight football and open play which baffled the Hawkeyes and crumpled up the line. Otoupalik was an able assistant to Caley, the chunky quarterback scoring all of the Cornhusker touchdowns. Caley fitted in with some beautiful punting, which kept Iowa repeatedly on the defense. Davis, furnished the redeeming feature of the Hawkeye play by playing a great defensive and offensive game. He was also responsible for three of Iowa’s points, when he dropped back to the forty-five-yard line early in the second quarter and booted the oval between the uprights for the counters which sent the Iowa total to 10.

Fosdik and Becker featured the play on the line, Captain Laun was removed from the fray at the end of the first quarter, but was sent back in at the beginning of the fourth quarter. While he was in the game, however, the Iowa leader outpunted Corey at an average close to fifty yards on his kicks.

Nebraska played consistent football throughout and plowed through the Hawkeye line with their battering ram attack. Good, hard football was responsible for all but one of their touchdowns.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Otoupalik intercepted an aerial heave from line and dashed twenty yards to a touchdown. It was the only combination of luck which entered into the Cornhuskers’ play.

In the fourth quarter, with Iowa trailing the Nebraska battlers by three points, the Hawkeyes opened up a long series of forward passes in a futile effort to turn the tide. Not one of them was complete, however, and not a yard was gained in this manner.

Nebraska made several fumbles during the game, which came near being disastrous. In the third quarter Becker tackled Caley as he was in the act of making a forward pass, knocking the ball from the hands of the Nebraskan. Lackem picked up the oval in midfield and dashed fifty yards to a touchdown.

The Lincoln team was also penalized freely because of unnecessary roughness and having the backs in motion before the ball was passed.

Iowa ruled Nebraska off its feet at the beginning of the game and scored its first touchdown in the first three minutes of play. After an exchange of punts the ball settled on Nebraska’s forty-five-yard line in Iowa’s possession. A long forward pass, Laun Duncan, carried the ball to Nebraska’s ten-yard line. In two attempts he made three yards. Duncan then got the ball to the one foot line at which point Davis dove over tackle for a touchdown. He kicked his own goal.

Neither team could gain consistently following a kickoff and several exchanges of hits followed, with Laun having all the better of the kicking duel, a punt by Dobson giving Iowa the ball on her own thirty-five-yard line. Jenkins went around end for twenty yards. Nebraska received a fifteen-yard penalty for roughness and Laun skirted end for three yards.

Davis then dropped back to the forty-yard line and sent a beautiful boot over the post.

Nebraska registered a touchdown with stunning suddenness after the kickoff. Caley and Otoupalik carried by making first down on Iowa’s fifteen the ball to field. On a fake pass Caley broke through the center for twenty yards. Caley dove through the line for six and followed it up making first down on Iowa’s fifteen-yard line. Caley was again called up and he hit left tackle for seven yards, Otoupalik made two yards and Caley again crashed through the line for first down at Iowa’s four-yard line. Otoupalik snuck through right guard for two yards and then squirmed through center for a touchdown. Corey missed goal.

A fumble by Davis soon after the kickoff gave Nebraska the ball on Iowa’s thirty-yard line. Caley went over tackle for six yards. Cook added a yard and Caley plowed through for ten yards. Cook added a yard and Caley forward passed to Otoupolik for six yards. An off tackle smash by Caley added five-yards and took the ball to Iowa’s three-yard line and first down.

Otoupolik shed the bell to Iowa’s half-yard line and then carried the ball over the center for the second touchdown. Caley kicked goal.

An exchange of punts followed the kickoff with Caley outkicking Von Lockum. Nebraska took possession of the ball in the middle of the field.


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