Nebraska 19
Kansas 7

Nov. 15, 1919 • Lincoln, Neb.

Nebraska Wins Over Kansas By 19 to 7 Score

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 15—”There’ll be a hot time in old town tonight,” played by the University of Nebraska band as it left Nebraska field tonight, sounded good for the first time this year.

Literally, the band was telling the truth. The Cornhuskers, who for unknown reasons have been a doubtful quantity this year, completely reversed their form today, and under the generalship of Dick Newman of Columbus humbled the mighty Jayhawkers from Kansas in a fashion that left no doubt that Nebraska players have found themselves.

It was a happy occasion for hundreds of Nebraska alumni who journeyed to Lincoln to help cheer the Huskers on to victory over their ancient rivals. It was also a grand sight for some 200 South Omaha commission men who marched across Nebraska field headed by their own band to a reversed section in the grandstand.

Husker Play Consistent

The Cornhuskers played consistent football throughout the game, though the real results were obtained during the last two periods. Much credit must be given to Newman at quarter, whose judgment of plays was well nigh faultless in dishing up a variety of attack by the heavy Nebraska backfield that kept the Jayhawks guessing every minute.

However, Nebraska’s reversal of form was complete in every department. Her line, except for a brief period during which Kansas made her only touchdown, was almost impregnable, and the smashing attacks made throughout the Kansas line by Dale, Dobson, Schellenberg, Hubka and Henry is told in the statistics showing eighteen first downs for Nebraska and a total yard gain of 449. Gains through the line for anywhere from two to ten yards by Dale and Dobson were made with regularity, and once Dobson went through the line for a total of thirty-three yards, and Dale for thirty-seven, around end.

Pringle is Menace

Pringle, the big Kansas half, at times proved a menace to the Nebraska line and won Kansas her only touchdown. But Kansas had only one Pringle, and Nebraska had a whole backfield that was his equal in every particular. Lonberg, Kansas’ right end, played a stellar game. Mandeville was also a consistent ground gainer for Kansas, and was used for many of the Jayhawkers’ plays.

Nebraska also showed great improvement in the use of the forward pass, and it was by this play that the Cornhuskers scored their third touchdown.

Nebraska drew first blood early in the second period. After Pringle had intercepted a Nebraska forward pass, his team could not gain, and Reid was forced to punt to Newman who returned fifteen yards. Dale immediately made a thirty-seven-yard run around Kansas’ right end. He made two more through the line. Schellenberg added three more. Then Dale smashed through for ten to the K.U. line. Dobson and Schellenberg each made four yards and Newman went over for Nebraska’s first touchdown. Dobson kicked out for a heel catch, but it went over Newman’s head.

Kansas Shows Flash

After the Nebraska score in this period Kansas showed her only flash that looked threatening for the Huskers. K.U. returned one of Dobson’s punts thirty-one yards, and started a march to the Cornhusker goal, using Mandeville and Pringle in the attack. Mandeville made ten yards, then one more. A pass, Pringle to Mandeville, was for five, Reid made one yard and Pringle ten. Pringle failed to gain. Mandeville made two yards. A forward pass, Pringle to Mandeville, was good for ten yards, putting the ball on Nebraska’s yard line. In two attempts Pringle carried the ball over for Kansas’ only touchdown. Lonberg kicked goal, making the score 7 to Nebraska’s 6.

The fact that Kansas led by 1 point at the half did not discourage Cornhusker rooters, and the Cornhuskers came into the field after the intermission a confident-looking squad. In fact, Kansas never again made the distance.

Drop Kick Fails

Nebraska’s second touchdown was a joyful sight. After the teams had struggled back and forth for some time, exchanging punts, Dobson broke through tackle for a thirty-three-yard run to the Kansas thirty-four-yard line. Dobson attempted a drop kick from the forty-two-yard line, missing by a few feet. It was Kansas’ ball, and they fumbled on their first play, Nebraska getting the ball on their twenty-yard line. Then the march started for the Kansas goal through the Kansas line.

Dale made six yards, Dale and Hubka three, and Dobson went over for Nebraska’s second touchdown. Score, Nebraska 12, Kansas 7.

Nebraska’s third touchdown was made late in the fourth quarter. Kansas had failed to return one of Dobson’s punts. Reid punted high in the air for a puny ten yards. Dobson went through Kansas for four yards, Hubka made eight. Hubka made two more, Dobson one. Dale fumbled, but Nebraska recovered for a two-yard gain.

Pass Nets Score

A perfect forward pass by Newman landed in Swanson’s hands under the Kansas goal, for a touchdown. Day kicked goal, making the score, Nebraska 19 to Kansas’ 7, which proved to be the final score when the whistle stopped the scrimmage in the middle of the field.

The statistics show that Nebraska made eighteen first downs, Kansas four. Nebraska gained 440 yards to Kansas’ 132. Each team completed two forward passes, Nebraska for a total of thirty-nine yards, and Kansas eleven. Captain Dobson, besides, brilliantly out-punted Reid with an average of forty yards to Reid’s thirty-five.

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