Nebraska 12
Missouri 5

Nov. 8, 1919 • Columbia, Mo.

Huskers Score First Victory of the Season

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Columbia, Mo., Nov. 8—Fighting fiercely throughout the game the Nebraska Cornhuskers won their first victory of the season this afternoon by defeating the Missouri Tigers here, 12 to 5.

Playing with eight substitutes as their lineup the Nebraskans showed more ability than they have in any other game this season. A home-coming crowd of 6,000 saw … Schulte win from his former …

Captain Dobson, Hubka and Schellenberg were not missed from the Husker lineup although they later … into the game for the last few minutes of play. Dale, Henry and … played a wonderful game … the Nebraska back field. … Schulte’s 195-pound fullback, was … only the star of today’s game, … also the 1919 football season … Columbia. The Husker backfield … much too fast and too heavy for the light Tiger line to stop.

A wet field gave an advantage to the Huskers, but it was no easy victory for the visitors. Every inch … ground they gained only after fighting fiercely for it. Russell, too, … than held his own with “Chuck” Lewis, outpunting the Tiger … an average of five yards to the … Russell’s punts averaged … five yards. His long, low kicks … a great deal to do with the … of the ball in Missouri’s territory … the greater part of the game.

Anton Stankowski, Tiger captain and quarterback, was carried off … field in the middle of the first …, his leg badly broken. With … left some of the fighting spirit … the team.

Henry Makes Run

Dale, the Huskers’ best … gainer, plowed through the Missouri line for gains of ten yards or … repeatedly. It was Henry, however, who in the second quarter, … through the Tiger line for a twenty-eight-yard run and a touchdown … Russell failed to kick goal. … Huskers scored their other … the third period when Dale … a thirty-yard forward pass … Newman and dashed over the … He failed to kick out from the … of the field and an attempt … another point was forfeited.

“Chuck” Lewis played his … dependable game, punting … yards to the try and carrying … ball for small gains when … back from end in the third … Near the middle of the second quarter Missouri’s offensive reached … greatest height and for the rest … the game completely outplayed … Huskers. During this period … kicked goal from the twenty-... yard line when he dropped back … the Tigers had made three … to cross the goal only ten … away and gaining only a yard … two to the attempt.

Safety Scores Two

Missouri’s other score came … a few minute of play in the … quarter, when Lewis kicked to … Nebraska one-yard line and … caught the ball on the … turned over the line and scored … safety, two points, for the Tigers.

Collins’ thirty-eight-yard … through the center of the Nebraska line in the third quarter was the feature of Missouri’s game … playing the best he has this … never failed to make a small … Near the end of the game … attempted to make forward … for long gains in a final hope … least trying the score. However, ... two passes were successful and … for small gains that netted nothing in the end. On the other … Schulte’s men used one long pass advantage, and several passes … than ten yards carried the ball … the Tigers to a Nebraskan, who … good for a clear gain of seven yards.

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