Nebraska 20
Kansas 20

Nov. 13, 1920

Nebraska and Kansas Battle to 20-20 Tie

LAWRENCE, Kan., Nov. 13 — Completely outplayed and overwhelmed in the first half, Kansas came from behind a 20-0 score and tied the Nebraska eleven, 20 to 20, here this afternoon. Both Kansas and Nebraska milled their final tries at goal. The Nebraskans started off strong, scoring a touchdown before the quarter was half done, Day kicking goal.

Nebraska made the touchdown on straight football, getting the ball in the middle of the field and going through and around the Kansas line for big gains that netted the score.

In the second quarter the Cornhuskers marched down the field on more straight football for touchdowns. It was at this point that the Nebraskans were outplaying the Kansans in every department of the game excepting passing, going through the Kansas line at will and making long end runs for fifteen and twenty yards each.

Kansas Scores Early

Starting the second half, virtually within three minutes after the period had started, Captain Nettels recovered a Nebraska fumble on the fifteen-yard line and Lomberg completed a short pass to Mandeville for the first touchdown. Sandefer kicked goal. In the third quarter Kansas took the ball in the middle of the field. Mandeville went through for some good gains and with the ball on the thirty-yard line, Lomberg completed another pass to Mandeville, who tore through three Cornhuskers to a goal. Once more in the last half with scarcely five minutes to go, Lomberg flipped another pass twenty yards to Mandeville, who ran the remaining fifteen for the final touchdown. Sanderful failed to kick goal for Kansas just as Captain Day had failed in his last attempt for Nebraska.

The last half was bitterly fought Nebraska had the ball within the yard line at one time and Kansas held them for downs, Lomberg kicking out of danger.

For Nebraska Dale was the outstanding star, with the entire backfield going good. Mandeville and Reid shared honors for Kansas, while Simon, Allison and Hale played well. The Kansas backfield, with Lomberg returning punts, was going good.

This uncanny passing attack completely got away from the Husker defense. And Mandeville won a niche as one of the Jayhawk immortals. The smashing attack with which the Huskers crushed through during the first half put joy into the hearts of Scarlet and Cream followers who have waited to see the team develop the offensive of which it was capable.

Newman’s generalship was flawless. Six times the heady little quarterback signaled for passes, and three were completed for eighty-three yards. Two of these were received by Swanson, who cut across to the right side of the field, Kansas attempted fourteen passes, and completed but five, for 106 yards.

Kansas Wins Toss

Kansas won the toss, and returned the kickoff to the twenty-five-yard line. Mandeville skirted the end for fourteen yards. Nebraska held for downs. Wright received the kick on Nebraska’s five-yard line, and returned to the middle of the field. Rushes by Dale carried the ball to the Kansas seventeen-yard line, where Nebraska was held for downs. An exchange of punts gave Nebraska the ball in the center of the field.

Dale then ran the end to the Kansas twenty-five-yard line. Hartley shot a pass to Monte Munn, who was downed on the eight-yard line. Dale bucked it over for the first touchdown. Captain Day kicked goal.

Lose Ball on Six-yard Line

Wright returned the kickoff to Nebraska’s thirty-five-yard line, and Hartley took it to the middle of the field, and then through tackle to the thirteen-yard line. Dale bucked to the six-yard line. Nebraska was penalized fifteen yards and held for downs. The punt went to midfield, and the quarter ended. Score: Nebraska, 7; Kansas, 0.

At the opening of the second quarter Wright skirted end for twenty yards, and Dale, in the series of smashes, went over for the second touchdown. Day missed goal. Kansas returned the kickoff to their thirty-two yard line, and were held and kicked to the Nebraska thirty-nine-yard line. Dale then tossed a pass to Swanson, who ran to a touchdown. Day kicked goal, and half ended. Score: Nebraska, 20; Kansas, 0.

Jayhawkers’ Turn

Kansas turned the tide when the second half opened. Kansas kicked off to the five-yard line, and Dale returned ten. Plunges by Dale, Hartley and Newman made the first down, but Kansas forced them to kick. Kansas took the ball to her thirty-five-yard line and tried two unsuccessful passes. Lomberg kicked thirty-seven yards on the third down, and Nettels kicked it down the field and fell on it on the Nebraska fifteen-yard line.

Mandeville lost five yards on the next play, and after an unsuccessful attempt to pass, Lomberg flipped the ball ten yards to Mandeville, who ran to a touchdown, Sandefer kicked goal.

Kansas Holds

Nebraska returned the kickoff thirty yards to her own forty-yard line. Hartley then passed to Swanson, who ran it eight yards out of bounds to the twenty-two-yard line. Kansas then held the Huskers to downs, and Lomberg kicked to the middle of the field, Hartley returning to the Kansas thirty-yard line.

A series of plunges carried the ball to the one-yard line where Kansas held Nebraska to downs and Lomberg kicked to the Nebraska forty-five-yard line and Hartley returned five yards.

Nebraska marched down the field with two first downs but fumbled on the twenty-yard line, Mandeville recovering, Lomberg kicked out to the Nebraska forty-yard line. Quarter ended. Score, Nebraska, 20; Kansas, 7.

Moore went in for Hartley and kicked fifty yards to Lomberg who returned twenty-two yards to the Kansas thirty-two-yard line. On a fake pass formation, Lomberg tore through for twenty-eight yards to the Nebraska forty-yard line. Simon ran over guard for eight yards and Mandeville made it first down. Kansas had the ball on Nebraska’s thirty-yard line.

Aerial Touchdown

A forward pass, Mandeville to McAdams, netted fifteen yards and on the next play, Lomberg flipped a pass to Mandeville for fifteen yards and a touchdown. Sandefer kicked goal.

Sandefer kicked off to Newman who returned twenty yards to the Nebraska thirty-five-yard line. Nebraska lost the ball on a fumble and Kansas was penalized fifteen yards. Lomberg kicked across the goal line. Nebraska took the ball on her twenty-yard line and Moore kicked forty-five yards to Mandeville, who returned five yards to the Kansas forty-five-yard line. A pass, Mandeville to Lomberg, netted thirty-two yards. After a line buck and a incomplete pass, Munn, who had replaced McAdams, tossed the ball to Mandeville who ran twenty-eight yards to a touchdown. Sandefer missed goal and the score was tied, 20 to 30.

A thirty-yard return and a thirty-yard pass after Sandefer’s kickoff brought the ball to the Kansas twenty-five-yard line in the last minute of play. Hubka went in and bucked twelve yards for a first, but then whistle stopped the charges which he was making toward a Husker victory.

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