Penn State 20
Nebraska 0

Nov. 6, 1920 • New Beaver Field, State College, Pennsylvania

Huskers beaten by Penn's Open Game

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Nov. 6 — The University of Nebraska went down to a 20 to 0 defeat here today at the hands of Pennsylvania State college, despite the brilliant work of the Cornhuskers, who were simply beaten by the overwhelming open game of Bezdek’s flashy backs after they had failed to penetrate the westerners’ line by straight football.

Throughout the early part of the game the Nebraskans gained much ground by trick plays and rapid formations after scrimmage, but lost their chance to score when State speedily solved these. But the real turning point of the game came in the fourth period, when Charlie Way came into the game, and from then on kept Nebraska so busy trying to stop him that they had little chance to do any threatening themselves.

The brilliant individual feat of the game from a Nebraska standpoint came in the very first period, when Beck, who drops back out of the line to punt occasionally, sent a short spiral to Nebraska’s twenty-yard line. On the next play Hartley wormed his way through an opening at tackle and raced nearly eighty yards before he was downed by Killinger on Penn’s ten-yard line, but here Nebraska lacked the punch and lost the ball on downs.

Charlie Way, playing his last game on the home gridiron, furnished the pickers of all-American players with plenty of material when he entered the contest in the last quarter. His first performance was on an off-tackle run of fifty-five yards. A few minutes later, after a number of punts. Way squirmed through Nebraska’s right tackle, running fifty-seven yards for State’s second touchdown.

Nebraska twice had the ball within Penn State’s five-yard line, but lacked the necessary punch to score. State’s line, starred by the all-around play of Beck, Groffiths and Rausch, passed all expectations, holding the Nebraska backs for no gains repeatedly. Day and Hartley excelled for Nebraska and the paying of Haines and Killinger was noteworthy.

Penn State put over its first touchdown against Nebraska late in the second period. Bezdek’s boys could not penetrate the giant Red line, so opened up with forward passes. Killinger finally shot one thirty-five yards to Right End Hufford, who went over for a touchdown. Score end of second period, Penn State, 7; Nebraska, 0.

Killinger made Penn State’s final score on a plunge through tackle after a forward pass to Brown had put the ball in scoring distance. Rausch missed goal. Final score, Penn State, 20; Nebraska, 0.

State won the toss and Rausch kicked off to Wright on Nebraska’s five-yard line and Weller punted to Killinger, who ran to Nebraska’s forty-four-yard line. State could not gain and kicked.

Hartley broke through tackle and ran to State ten-yard line, where Killinger tackled him. Nebraska failed to make first down, losing the ball on a forward pass that struck the goal posts on the fourth down.

State started on the twenty-yard line and soon kicked out of danger. Nebraska rushed the ball to Midfield, but lost the ball on downs. Killinger shot a forward pass to Hufford on Nebraska’s thirty-yard line. Another from Killinger to Haines gave State the ball on the sixteen-yard line. Haines and Killinger hit tackle for a first down, three bucks at the line gained four yards, and Snell carried the ball to within six inches of the goal where State lost it on downs.

Nebraska kicked and Killinger returned to the thirty-five-yard lines. A pass netted ten yards. Snell made five and the quarter ended with State holding the ball on the twenty-yard line.

Swanson Blocks Kick

Haines made first down off tackle. Lightner and Killinger gained seven yards through the line but Haines lost ten. Rausch tried a field goal from the thirty-yard line, Swanson blocked it and Moore recovered for Nebraska.

Moore kicked to Killinger on State’s twenty-five-yard line. An exchange of punts gave State the ball on their forty-four-yard line. Killinger lost five yards and a pass to Haines yielded thirteen yards. Another pass to Brown gave State a first down. Moore intercepted the next pass on the sixty-five-yard line and ran to State’s forty-five-yard mark. A pass, Hartley to Swanson, netted eight yards. Moore failed at a field goal attempt from the forty-five-yard line.

State Intercepts Pass

Kililnger punted to Newman at midfield. Lightner intercepted a forward pass on the fifty-yard mark and ran to Nebraska’s fifteen-yard line. Another forward pass was intercepted by Weller on the seven-yard line.

State received the ball on a punt on Nebraska’s thirty-five-yard line. A forward pass, Killinger to Hufford, who was standing on the goal line, gave State a touchdown. Rausch kicked the goal.

Haines received the kickoff and returned to the twenty-yard line. Hubka was substituted for Moore. Haines and Killinger made first down on off tackle plunges. Newman received a punt on his thirty-five-yard mark and returned to State’s forty-six-yard line.

To Ten-Yard Line

Hubka fumbled and Haines recovered. Hartley intercepted a pass and was downed in midfield. A pass, Hartley to Swanson, gained fifteen yards. Another pass to Swanson put the ball on State’s ten-yard line. Hartley went off tackle to the four-yard line. Wright failed to gain. A forward pass landed in the bleachers back of the goal.

State took the ball on her twenty-yard line. Killinger kicked, Newman returning the ball to the fifty-yard line. Baer spoiled a pass and Weller made first down when State was off side. Weller punted over the goal when he had a good opportunity to drop kick a field goal.

Way Scores Touchdown

State could not gain and Newman returned Killinger’s punt to midfield. Way substituted for Lightner and on the first play Way took the ball off right tackle for a fifty-yard gain, being downed by Wright on Nebraska’s thirty-five-yard line. State was penalized five yards after Thrown carried a forward pass from Killinger to the twenty-yard line.

On the first play after an exchange of passes, Way squirmed through left tackle after staring around right end and ran fifty-seven yards for a touchdown. Rausch kicked the goal.

Howarth replaced Hubka. State took the ball on downs on the fifty-yard line. Killinger kicked and State took the ball on downs on the twenty-five-yard mark. Way made seven yards through right tackle and Haines made it first down on the three-yard line. Killinger plowed through left tackle for a touchdown. Rausch missed the goal, and the game ended. Final score, State, 20; Nebraska, 0.

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