Nebraska 54
Iowa State 6

Nov. 25, 1922

Scarlet Men Make Total of 54 Points

Nebraska Field, Nov. 25 — The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers registered another Missouri Valley football championship when the Husker men smothered the Ames Aggies, 54 to 6. Coach Fred T. Dawson, substituted freely but even the second stringers were able to score against the Iowa Farmers.

The lone Aggie touchdown was sort of a gift. The gratuity came in the second quarter. It was made possible because Referee Reid blew the whistle a little too hastily. A 25 yard run by Wolters and 15 yard penalty on Nebraska gave Ames possession of the ball on Nebraska 16-yard line.

Roberts shot a forward pass to Riggs, who advanced a yard before he was tackles. The whistle was blown just after a Nebraska lineman had tackled Riggs. As Riggs fell the ball bounded from his arms and was recovered by Nebraska, but the referee ruled the ball was dead at the time he blew the whistle. A forward pass on the next play sent Wolters across with the lone tally.

The powerful offensive of the Nebraska juggernaut was in evidence all afternoon. The Scarlet and Cream drove and battered its way to eight touchdowns, sweeping the Ames eleven before it like so much straw.

There was scarcely a long gain registered by Nebraska. It was just a hammer-hammer-hammer at the line by delayed bucks or off tackle smashes which sent the big Dave Noble, Hartley or Lewellen through to the secondary defense.

It was a great day for Nebraska linemen also.

“Rob” Weller was a mountain of strength, both on the defense and offense. He continually sifted through the Ames forward wall and tossed the Aggie back for substantial losses. Berquist’s play was also in evidence, the husky guard, mussing up many play.

Peterson, center, broke through and intercepted a pass which made possible the final touchdown.

An analysis of the Nebraska play shows the powerful offense uncorked against Ames. Nebraska registered 27 first downs for a total of 365 yards. Ames counted but four first downs and a total of 102 yards.

The defensive work of the Huskers stood out during the opening and final periods. Ames yardage total showed a loss of six yards during the first quarter. The Iowa Farmers gained but eighteen yards during the final period.

Nebraska had a great inning during the third quarter. Taking the ball well in its own territory Nebraska ripped off seven consecutive first downs for a touchdown.

The total of first downs made by Nebraska during this period was twelve.—Gregg M’Bride

Play in Detail

First Period

Captain Wolters of Ames won the toss and chose the west goal.

Weller kicked off sixty yards. Sanders fumbled but recovered on four-yard line. Roberts punted forty yards.Noble went eight yards for first down.

Noble made a half yard on an attempted end run. Lewellen plunged through for five yards. On a fake buck at the Ames center, Russell ran the Ames left end for twenty-five yards to a touchdown.

Captain Hartley place-kicked the extra point. Score, Nebraska, 7, Ames, 0.

Weller kicked off fifty-five yards to Wolters who returned twenty-five yards. Wolters made four yards through Nebraska’s lie, but was thrown for five yards on next play. On a double pass an attempted end run Roberts failed to gain.

Roberts punted forty yards. Hartley returned thirteen yards to Nebraska’s thirty-eight-yard line. Hartley made five yards. Nebraska penalized five yards for off side.

Lewellen punted forty-three yards out of bounds. It was Ames’ ball on the twenty-four-yard line. Schoeppel intercepted a forward pass and carried the ball to the Ames five-yard line. Hartley hit center for one yard. On next play Noble ploughed through for four yards and a touchdown.

Hartley placed-kicked for an extra point.

Score: Nebraska, 14; Ames, 0.

Second Period

McGlasson was substituted for Wenke in the Nebraska line. Hartley hit center for five yards and first down. Nebraska fumbled and Ames recovered on the one-foot line. Roberts punted thirty yards. Russell returned to twenty-yard line. Noble ran the Ames’ left end for thirteen yards. Lewellen was thrown for a two-yard loss. An off tackle play Lewellen made three yards.

Cody was substituted for Laughlin in Ames’ line up.

Noble followed with a drive of seven yards through the line to a touchdown.

Hartley kicked the extra point.

Score: Nebraska, 2; Ames, 0.

Sanders tried Nebraska right end and failed to gain. Winger hit Nebraska's right guard for a three-yard plunge. On a double pass, Roberts to Riggs, the Aggies completed a pass but gained only one yard. Forward pass, Roberts to Wolers, gained ten yards, and first down. Ames’ ball on Nebraska’s fifteen-yard line. Forward pass, Roberts to Wolters, who carried the ball across the Nebraska goal line to a touchdown.

Roberts’ place kick missed the posts.

Score: Nebraska, 28; Ames, 6.

Third Period

After a march down the field, Noble plunged through for three yards. H. Dewitz drove through for four yards. Noble plunged through for five yards and first downs. H. Dewitz made the needed yard and scored the touchdown. Harley place kicked the extra point.

Score: Nebraska, 35; Ames, 6.

Forward pass, Hartley to Noble was incomplete. Ames was off-side and Nebraska was given first down. Hartley plunged for three yards. Noble made seven yards through line and another first down. It was Nebraska’s ball on Ames’ fourteen yards line.

Noble smashed through for ten yards and another first down. Hartley hit the right side for four yards and a touchdown.

Hartley missed the try-for-point.

Score: Nebraska, 41; Ames, 6.

Fourth Period

Berquist intercepted a forward pass on Aggies’ thirty-nine-yard line and Hartley and Noble made nine yards. After smashes by Hartley and Noble, Young intercepted a forward pass on Ames’ seven-yard line.

Hartley returned Roberts’ punt to Ames’ forty-three-yard line. H. Dewitz made a first down. Hartley gained four yards and Noble made a first down.

In three plunges from the Ames ten-yard line Noble went over for a touchdown. Hartley missed the try for point.

Nebraska, 47; Ames, 6.

Russell ran ten yards for another Nebraska touchdown after House had intercepted an Ames forward pass following capture by Ames of a blocked dropkick which Russell attempted.

Score, Nebraska, 54; Ames, 6

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