Nebraska 14
Notre Dame 6

Nov. 30, 1922

Subdues Fighting Irish With Brilliant Display of Straight Football

Note: Some of this story was illegible and therefore incomplete

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Nebraska Field, Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 30—The Nebraska Cornhusker came into his own today, battering and hammering the famed Notre Dame eleven into submission and winning by a score of 14 to 6. The mighty Cornhuskers outplayed the Irish in every department of the game and baffled the Hoosiers at every turn, lady luck cheating the Huskers out of a larger score ....

The Nebraska victory, which was achieved by a brilliant impressive display of straight football, is particularly sweet in view of the the fact that it was the first defeat of the season ... Notre Dame — a fighting aggregation which has won victories from Georgia Tech, Indiana, Carnegie Tech and Butler. ... held the Army team to a scoreless tie. The Army had previously played Yale to a knotted count.

The triumph of the Cornhuskers was apparent from the first.

... far did Nebraska outclass the Indiana Irishmen that only for a ... time during the third period ... Notre Dame look in the least bit ... The Nebraska team ... outclassed Notre Dame at straight football. The prowess of Cornhusker is best reflected in cold hard-boiled statistics of the game. Nebraska gained 307 yards in powerful drives off tackle or line plunges. Notre Dame could gain but ... yards. The giant Husker line ... broke through for a distance of forty-... yards. While not a Husker play a loss of yardage.

Irish Takes to the Air

Notre Dame’s best bet was the air. ... men hurled eighteen forward passes, nine of which were completed for a 153 yard total. This represented more than half the Notre Dame yardage gained.

... 16,000 fans who were fortunate enough to secure admission. ... treated to one of the most brilliant and sensational games recorded ... annals of Cornhusker football. ... huge crowd saw the Nebraska ... hurl back the renowned Notre Dame ground-gaining maching ... and cheered. It saw the Nebraska juggernaut crush the Irish ... wall as so much paper and ... to a touchdown by terrific .... plunges which carried all ... it—and howled with delight.

... the climax, it saw Hartley ... a forward pass to Dave Noble, the big Nebraska back bowl and sidestep tackles in a thirty-... yard run across the Notre Dame goal—and roared its approval. The Nebraska team was fighting ... With a “Beat Notre Dame” ... dinning in its ear, the Husker ... immediately set to work, ... the defeat sustained at Syracuse early this month.

... of Notre Dame punted as .... as the Irish gained possession ... the ball. Russell returned to the Nebraska thirty-eight yard line.

The plunges by Dave Noble, Captain “Chick” Hartley and Lewellen, ... Russell occasionally lugging ... oval, brought the ball to the Notre Dame eleven yard line, the Cornhuskers reeling off five first downs in rapid succession. It was an exhibition of fighting, football, and the Notre Dame team crumpled in front of the Nebraska steam roller, in spite of energetic efforts to stave ... threatened score by injecting ... blood into the lineup.

When Noble Fumbled

Nebraska had the ball five yards ... the Notre Dame goal with four ... to go. Two drives off tackle ... Noble gained four yards. An off tackle smash by Captain Hartley placed the ball within one foot of the final chalk mark.

On the next play Russell cleared the big Noble through center. Noble fumbled and the ball slipped from his grasp and more than a dozen pairs of arms grabbed of the elusive pigskin. There was a pileup. Referee Eckersall dived into the mixup. The mighty crowd hushed as player after player crawled off. Then the spheroid was found tightly clutched in the grasp of a Notre Dame player one foot from his goal. The first break of the game had gone against the Cornhuskers.

Five first downs, more than sixty-one yards gained by terrific line plunging football only to lose the chance on a fumble one-half yard from the final chalk mark.

Degree promptly punted out of danger, his effort rolling seventy yards out of bounds on the Nebraska twenty-five yard line. But the Huskers were not to be denied, and the first quarter ended with Nebraska in possession of the ball on its forty-nine yard line.

The same old pile-driving attack was resumed with a sixteen yard around the end mixed in, put the Huskers within nine yards of a touchdown. Noble reeled off seven yards and Hartley carried it across. Hartley place kicked the extra point and the crowd went wild.

A few minutes later Nebraska scored again. Notre Dame took the kickoff and the Nebraska line again broke through and smothered any attempt at Notre Dame to make yardage. Some weak punting on the part of Degree and Layden placed Nebraska in position to score. Degree’s boot went out of bounds on the Notre Dame 38-yard line.

38 Yards for Touchdown

On the very first play Captain Hartley shot a forward pass to Noble who raced thirty-eight yards for a touchdown. The pass was a beauty . Noble leaped in the air, running at full speed, snared the oval on his finger tips, rolled it down to his arms and sped for the goal. He dodged through a broken field for twenty yards and bowled off the last remaining tackler. Hartley’s place kick made the extra point.

At the start of the third quarter Rockne opened up his bag of tricks which counted one touchdown and threatened another. During this period Nebraska was on the defensive, apparently content to rest fo the time on its laurels and seek bigger game in the final quarter.

A forty-yard pass, Struhdreher to ayden, scored the Irish touchdown. The pass was snared by the Notre Dame halfback along the north sidelines. The play worked perfectly and the Irish half had three men in front of him on his final race to the Nebraska goal.

Shortly before the third period ended Notre Dame had forward passed its way to the Nebraska ten-yard line.

At the opening of the final period, Don Miller and Layden brought the oval to the Nebraska three-yard line. Failing to gain through the line, Notre Dame elected to try a forward pass. Struhdreher dropped back to hurl the oval, but Schoeppel, Nebraska end, pounded down on him and tossed him for a loss of ten yards, giving Nebraska possession of the ball on its fifteen-yard lie.

Nebraska promptly rushed the ball out of danger and the remainder of the game saw Nebraska fighting to score. A forty-yard run by Herb Dewitz featured the remainder of the play.

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