Illinois 24
Nebraska 7

Oct. 6, 1923 • Urbana, Ill.

Illinois Crushes Huskers, Score 24 to 7

Dave Noble, Omaha boy, scored Nebraska's only touchdown against Illinois at Urbana yesterday on a short end run.

Urbana, Ill.—Harold Grange and Earl Britton, two native sons of Illinois were responsible for Illinois’s decisive victory over Nebraska this afternoon 24 to 7. The finals score was a surprise to followers of the gridiron sport, who had expected the score to a close affair/ The win was the first Illinois has scored over Nebraska in thirty-two years. Nebraska copping the other four engagements.

The first period was a prime example of mediocre football with both teams rumbling frequently and no points being registered.

Illini “fight” came forth early in the second period, however, and Granged started demonstrating that he is out to make a record equalling that of Harold Pogne and Potsy Clark, Illinois starts of yesteryear.

Again in this period Captain Lewellen got away for another twenty-five-yard gain when he skidded the Illini right end. Both teams tried many forward passes during the remainder of the period but they were unable to connect.

Grange made the feature run of the day when he grabbed Lewellen’s punt on his own thirty-yard line and with perfect interference by his teammates, raced seventy yards for his third touchdown of the day.

Nebraska’s green line was ineffective against the Illini, demonstrating that Weir, Hutchinson, Ogden and Rhodes must improve considerably if the Cornhuskers expect to repeat their performances of the past two years in the Missouri Valley conference race. The work McAllister, Berquist and Bassett in the forward wall also was below expectations. In a nut shell the Nebraska line was unable to withstand the onslaughts of the more clever Illini machine.

The attendance at the game was over 15,000 being a record for early season games on Illinois field.

Play by Play

First Period

Nebraska won the toss and elected to defend the north goal.

Britton kicked over Nebraska’s goal line and the ball was put in play on twenty-yard line. On two line bucks Nebraska gained four yards, and made it first down on next play. Noble failed to gain around end. H. Dewitz recovered fumble and Nebraska lost two yards. Lewellen punted from twenty-yard line.

Grange fumbled and it was Illinois ball on their own forty-yard line. Grange fumbled and Noble recovered on Illinois’s thirty-four-yard line. Noble gained five yards for first down. Hartman gained two yards. Noble fumbled and it was Illinois’ ball on own twenty-yard line.

Illinois Plows Through

McIlwain went through center for three yards. Grange made six yards. McIlwain added five yards through guard. Grande made six more through tackle. McIlwain added one more. Grange took five yards for first down. McIlwain added four yards through center, and Grange four yards more through left guard. He made five yards again around right end. McIlwain got four yards. Grange was thrown for no gain around left tackle. He was unable to gain again. Britton kicked over Nebraska goal line. Ball returned to Nebraska twenty-yard line.

Noble made a foot for Nebraska. He added two yards through right guard. Lewellen’s punt went out of bounds. Illinois’ ball on Illinois’ thirty-three-yard line.

McIlwain made four yards through center. He added six yards around left end. McIlwain made three yards through center for first down. Britton failed to gain. Grange hit the line for six yards. On next play through the line he failed to gain.

End first quarter: Illinois 0, Nebraska 0. Illinois’ ball on own forty-eight yard line. Fourth down, five to go.

Second Quarter

Illinois punted to Nebraska’s four yard line. Nebraska kicked to Grange who made forty yard run, taking ball to Nebraska’s five yard line. On a right end run Grange carried the ball over for the first touchdown. Score: Illinois 6, Nebraska 0.

Britton place kicked perfectly. Score: Illinois 7, Nebraska 0.

Noble kicked 45 yards to McIlwain who went out of bounds. Illinois’ ball on own 15-yard line. McIlwain hit center for five yards. Grange failed to gain around left end.

DeWitz Fumbles

Britton kicked to H. DeWitz who was owned on his own 42-yard line. H. DeWitz fumbled and McIlwain recovered. Illinois’ ball on Nebraska’s 43-yard line. Grange lost five yards when Noble stopped him.

A forward pass, Britton to Grange netted 22 yards.. McIlwain added six more through right tackle. Grange failed to gain through right tackle. Illinois off side and penalized 5 yards. Britton’s pass was incomplete. Another forward pass by Britton was incomplete.

Britton made a placement kick from the 27-yard line. Illinois 10; Nebraska 0. Briton kicked 55 yards to H. DeWitz on Nebraska’s five-yard line, who was downed on his own 20-yard line.

Noble made four yards through right tackle. H. DeWitz gained one yard through center. Noble hit right guard for two yards. Lewellen kicked to Bauer who went in for Grange. Illinois’ ball on own thirty-seven-yard line.

Lippe went in for Rokusek for Illinois. McIlwain gained eight yards through right tackle. H. Hall made a yard through center. McIlwain made it first down. Lippe off side and penalized five yards. McIlwain made three yards through center.

Britton’s forward pass was incomplete when Noble stopped it. Illinois fumbled on next play but McIlwain recovered with one yard loss. Britton kicked forty-two yards. Brall went out of bounds.

Lewellen Makes First Down

Ball was called back five yards, penalty on Illinois for being offside. Britton kicked to H. DeWitz on own fifteen-yard line. He returned ball to Nebraska’s twenty-two yard line. H. De Witz made five yards around left end. Lewellen made seven yards around right end, for first down. Ball on Nebraska’s thirty-seven yard line.

Noble failed to gain. Lewellen’s forward pass was incomplete. Another pass was incomplete. Lewellen kicked to H. Hall on Illinois’ thirty-yard line, Hall failing to return it. McIlwain added five yards through tackle.

McIlwain made 2 more through center.

Score: Illinois 10; Nebraska 0.

Third Quarter

Grange went back in place of Bauer. Britton kicked 55 yards to H. DeWitz, who returned 21 yards to Nebraska’s 31-yard line. H. DeWitz failed to gain on line plunge.

H. DeWitz made a yard through center. H. DeWitz failed to gain through line. Lewellen kicked out of bounds on Illinois’ 43-yard line. Illinois’ ball on 43-yard line.

McIlwain plunged for 2 yards through center. Grange lost 2 yards on right end run.

McIlwain fumbled and Basset recovered for Nebraska on Illinois’ 42-yard line. Lewellen on a right end run made 25 yards. Nebraska’s ball on Illinois’ 8-yard line. Lewellen hurt when Brown stopped him.

Noble was held for no gain through. Hariman made two yards through right guard. Lewellen made one yard through left tackle. Nebraska’s ball on Illinois’ six-yard line.

Fourth down. Noble carried the ball over around Illinois right end for a touchdown. Nebraska, 6; Illinois, 10: H. DeWitz kicked goal. Nebraska, 7; Illinois, 10.

Britton kicked 60 yards over Nebraska’s goal. Nebraska’s ball on own 20-yard line. Lewellen thrown for 3-yard loss. DeWitz on fake formation made 2 yards through right tackle. Lewellen made 25 yards on a left end run, being stopped by Richards. H. DeWitz hit the line for two yards. H. DeWitz was thrown by Brown for 5-yard loss. Lewellen’s pass to Noble was incomplete. Lewellen kick 30 yards out of bounds. Illinois’ ball on own 28-yard line.

Grange thrown for one yard loss on left end run. On next play made 2 yards through right guard. Britton punted to H. DeWitz, who was downed on Nebraska’s 47-yard line.

Noble gained 2 yards through left tackle. Noble gained another yard on the other side. Hariman added 2 yards through center. Captain Lewellen was thrown for 5 yards an attempt to pass. Illinois’ ball on downs. McIlwain gained a yard through center.

Britton’s forward pass to Grange was incomplete. Another forward pass was incomplete. Ball in midfield. Britton punted 45 yards to H. DeWitz, who returned 5 yards. Nebraska’s ball on own 27-yard line.

On punt formation Noble made a yard. Bloodgood replaced H. DeWitz. Bloodgood fumbled and lost 10 yards. Lewellen kicked to Grange who made 20 yards before being stopped on Nebraska’s 39-yard line. End third quarter. Illinois, 10; Nebraska, 7. Illinois’ ball on Nebraska’s 29-yard line.

Fourth Quarter

Crawford in for McIlwain. Grange gained a yard. Britton to Grange pass made 5 yards. On a long right end run Grange made 2 yards. Crawford made 3 yards through tackle for first down.

Grange made 12 yards around left end. Illinois ball on Nebraska’s 16-yard line. McGlasson went in for Ogden, for Nebraska. Crawford added a yard through center. Grange on a long end run was thrown for a 3-yard loss. Britton passed to Grange, and Illinois went over for a second touchdown. Illinois, 16; Nebraska, 7. Britton kicked goal. Illinois, 17; Nebraska, 7.

Neill went in Umnus for Illinois. Wosioupal in for Hutchinson for Nebraska. Muhl in for Richards for Illinois. Britton kicked to Bloodgood, who returned ball to 37-yard line. Nebraska penalized 10 yards for holding. Bloodgood thrown for 2 yard loss.

Hartman made 2 yards through left tackle. Bloodgood failed to gain. Coutchle went in for H. Hall for Illinois. Lewellen punted to Grange, who caught ball on Illinois’ 30-yard line and ran 70 yards for a touchdown. Illinois, 23; Nebraska, 7. Margolis went in for Hall.

Britton kicked goal. Illinois, 24; Nebraska, 7.

Crawford went in for McIlwain. Noble kicked to Crawford who returned ball to Illinois’ 30-yard line. Bauer hit line for 5 yards. Bauer added 6 yards more. R. DeWitz went in for Hartman. DeWitz recovered on 42-yard line when Illinois fumbled. Noble failed to gain. Lewellen lost 5 yards on a left end run.

Bloodgood thrown for a yard loss, on right end run. Lewellen punted 40 yards to Bauer who was downed in his tracks, Illinois’ ball on own 19-yard line. Crawford made one yard on center buck. Bauer made 5 yards through Nebraska left tackle. Britton kicked 40 yards to Bloodgood, who returned 10 yards, and who fumbled, but Nebraska kept the ball on Illinois’ 45-yard line.

Lewellen’s forward pass incomplete. Lewellen made a yard around right end. Bloodgood forward passed, incomplete, DeWitz playing quarterback in place of Lewellen. DeWitz’ forward pass was intercepted by Coutchle. Illinois’ ball on own 38-yard line. Chambers went in for Captain McMilian of Illinois.

Jenks in for Bauer for Illinois. Crawford added 4 yards through center. Shaw went in for Lippe. Crawford made 2 yards through center. Britton punted 65 yards to Nebraska’s ball on own 20-yard line. R. DeWitz forward pass incomplete.

Lewellen on a right end run made 15 yards before going out of bounds for first down. Noble lost 2 yards when fumbled. Bloodgood made 1 yard around left end. Lewellen’s pass was intercepted by Coutchle. Illinois’ ball on Nebraska’s 42-yard line.

Locke in for Noble for Nebraska. Crawford failed to gain and the game was over. Final score Illinois 24, Nebraska 7.

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