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Kansas State 0

Nov. 14, 1925

KAggies Hold Huskers to 0-0 Tie; Blue Easily Wins

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Nebraskans Held Even Throughout

Manhattan, Kans., Nov. 14 — In a punting battle staged by Chili Cochrane, Aggie quarter, and Captain Ed Weir of the Cornhusker squad, the two teams battled to a four-round draw in the mud here this afternoon. Only once was the Aggie goal line threatened and that was in the first quarter when Mandery tried a place kick that went wide.

The game was almost devoid of thrills, the muddy field preventing the aerial attack planned by the Wildcats, and Nebraska likewise handicapped. The teams entered the fray each apparently fearing the other and the players determined to keep the ball outside of dangerous territory. At only one stage of the game did the oval get nearer the goal than the 25-yard line, each team resorting to punting to keep it in safe territory.

A Battle of Punts

Ed Weir started the punting battle after Cochrane had kicked off. Weir punted to the Aggie 15-yard line on the second play of the game and Cochrane used his toe on the third move. On the exchange Nebraska had gained 20 yards.

It was a defensive battle for both teams until the third quarter when the Nebraskans tore through the Aggie line for good gains in a furious rally that ended only with a referee’s whistle.

Rhodes, Nebraska halfback, carried the brunt of the third quarter attack with a gain of 20 yards on the plays. A moment later, however, a penalty for holding set the Cornhuskers back 15 yards.

The Aggies took the ball on downs and made a weak effort towards an offensive. Ed Weir blocked Haskard for a two-yard ... Holsinger on the next play regained the two yards and the rally ended when Cochrane punted out of bounds on the Husker 18-yard line. Weir returned the punt to Cochrane who carried to the Aggie 40-yard line.

Passes Unsuccessful

Both teams were successful in breaking up any attempt at passing.

Rhodes literally tore the Wildcat defense to bits as the end of the third period neared when he hit the line twice for a nine-yard gain.

Cochrane twice during the game brought the shivering crowd to its feet by his artistic toe, the first occasion being in the second period when he sent one through the air for 77 yards from his own 34-yard line. The second long punt came near the end of the same period when he punted 85 yards from his own 15-yard line.

Overlooked Rhodes

The plan of attack laid by the Aggies received its upset when Rhodes developed into the most dangerous man on the team instead of Captain Ed Weir, the man they had taken special pains to stop. In their anxiety to hold Weir the Wildcats gave Rhodes an opportunity to overshadow their own efforts in that respect.

Weir punted Nebraska out of a hole in the third quarter after Cochrane’s kick went over the safety and was stopped on the Husker one foot line by Feather. Weir punted to the Nebraska 27-yard line and Holsinger completed a pass to Wilson but it netted the Aggies no gain. Holsinger again tried to pass but Dailey took the ball and held it on the Cornhuskers’ 16-yard line.

Whistle Stops Rally

Rhodes then took up the burden and the Aggie line was nearly demoralized before the referee’s whistle ended the period.

In the final period the Cornhuskers were given a completed pass ... Aggie interference but otherwise the teams seesawed back and forth, for the most part in midfield.

The Aggie passes were more accurate than the Nebraskans’, the Huskers tossing them beyond the ... on the receiving end.

After a week of fair weather and sunshine the day broke with low hanging clouds carrying a threat of rain that made its appearance about 9 o’clock and increased in plume as the hour for the game to start drew near. As the two teams came on the field, however, the ... gave way to a gray and ... with a fresh north wind.

... of varied hues ... a colorful crowd that gave the players an ovation as they trotted to the gridiron for the preliminary signal running and the two toe artists limbered up their cleat carries for the punting battle that was to follow.

The threatening weather and muddy roads cut deep into the expectant crowd but in spite of the rain the two wings of the big stadium were well filled. Hundreds of advance ticket reservations were cancelled this morning when the rain became general over the southern part of the state.

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