Nebraska 58
Grinnell 0

Oct. 15, 1927 • Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb.

Cornhusker Regulars and Reserves Trample Grinnell Under 58 to 0 Count

33 Scarlet Boys Hold a Field Day

Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 15 – The Nebraska football juggernaut crushed Grinnell College before it, flattering the Pioneers for a 58-0 count before a crowd of eight thousand fans. Coach Bearg of the Cornhuskers used 33 players during the game.

Without presuming to detract any credit from the honors coming to the Nebraska gridsters because of their triumph, nor intending to cast any reflections on the spirit shown by Grinnell, the fact remains that the Pioneers had little to offer in the way of opposition.

After a rather stubborn defense thrown up during the first quarter against the Nebraska reserves, Grinnell folded up its tent like an Arab in the remaining periods, permitting the Cornhuskers to run wild.

The Pioneers presented a lineup which included but three veterans and the Cornhusker deceptive plays worked to a perfection. Cross bucks and crisscross plays were consistent yard gainers, while a double pass behind the line of scrimmage simply had the Iowans gasping for breath.

Cold Figures Show It

The smashing Nebraska triumph is best shown by the cold figures of the combat. The Huskers advanced the ball a total of 674 yards, over six hundred yards of this total being garnered in the last three periods.

The Cornhuskers sprinted and plunged to nine touchdowns, had another called back, were within 15 yards of the Grinnell goal when the first half ended and a scant two feet short of another touchdown when the timer’s pistol barked the end of the game. It was a great day for the Nebraska ball carriers.

Glenn Presnell, whose work in the Missouri game stamped him as one of the outstanding players to wear the Cornhusker moleskins, made four touchdowns, three in the second quarter. Bud McBride, a sophomore, drove across for three more, while Blue Howell and Dutch Witte accounted for one each.

Presnell Again

The brilliant work of Presnell continues to stand out in the Cornhusker offensive, the broken field work of the former DeWitt High star making it a busy afternoon for McIntire, the Grinnell safety. One of Presnell’s touchdowns was the result of a spectacular 48-yard run. A quick opening play shot him through the line. He side-stepped the Grinnell fullback, shook off another Pioneer tackler and outran the safety, his sensational sprint carrying him to the far corner of the field.

Bud McBride and Blue Howell made life miserable for the Pioneer line. When Howell was in the game, the Omaha line smasher was crashing through for substantial gains, one a 13-yard smash which scattered the Pioneer secondary defense while Blue crossed the final chalk mark. With Howell on the sidelines, McBride carried on the work of battering through when yardage was needed.

Dutch Witte ran wild in the fourth period, reeling off several lengthy runs through a broken field.

Linemen Shine, Too

It was also a gala day for the linemen, the Nebraska forwards scurrying through to rush the passer and presenting a stonewall to halt a Grinnell rush when the Pioneers appeared in position to make a threatening gesture.

The only bright spot in the Pioneer play was early in the first quarter when the old shoestring pass play caught the Nebraska team asleep and Evahn shot the oval to McIntire for a 35-yard gain.

A varied bunch of aerial play was about all the Pioneers had to offer in the way of offense and the Cornhuskers ...


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