Nebraska 47
Kansas 13

Nov. 5, 1927 • Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb.

Huskers Trample Jays

Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 5—The Scarlet and Cream-jerseyed warriors of Nebraska handled the Jayhawker, that grand old inhabitant of Mount Oread, a bit roughly Saturday, the Cornhuskers plucking the Kansas bird’s plumage in a rude fashion to the extent of a 47-to-13 football victory. It was the largest score ever rolled up by Nebraska in 34 contests between the two institutions and was the most decisive Cornhusker triumph since 1914 period, when the Jayhawkers were downed, 35-0.

The Lawrence collegians, however, were claiming some solace Saturday night from the fact that they twice crossed the Nebraska goal. The first was the result of a neatly executed forward pass, which gained 76 yards and the second counter was tallied at the expense of the Husker reserves after the Nebraska second had hurled back two Kansas assaults from the Husker one-yard line.

After a sluggish first half, in which the Husker defense against aerial play looked as ragged as a frayed cuff, the Nebraska team did an about-face in the third quarter. During this third period, the Huskers raced across four touchdowns and gave Coach Ernest E. Bearg an opportunity to inject his second string. The Cornhusker mentor started running in his reserves the last five minutes of the third period and finished the game with a complete reserve lineup.

While there was scarcely a moment in the conflict in which a most ardent Kansas follower could see aught but a Nebraska victory, the game had its high spots.

Nearly Length of Field

Clair Sloan, flashy Verdon High product, furnished the thrill of the afternoon, when he returned a Jayhawk kickoff 90 yards to a touchdown, in the dying moments of the game. The sprint was a beautiful piece of work, in which he was aided by some nice interference and made good use of the shield. Fleet of foot, Sloan raced behind the protecting wall like a bat out of the infernal regions. Darting here and there while interferers bowled over Jayhawker tacklers, the Verdon youth side-stepped and whirled away from the tenth Kansan and outran the safety man to the goal line.

The dazzling Presnell was also reeling off consistent yardage, slipping away from tackling on sweeping end runs, or dodging and whirling through for good gains on off-tackle drives. Presnell accounted for two of the touchdowns, plunging across for one and darting eight yards through a yawning hole for the other. In his circling end runs, Presnell was afforded some excellent interference by Blue Howell and Arnold Oehlrich, the pair mowing down the opposition to send the ball-carrier past the line.

Presnell Stars in Second Period

Presnell’s best work was the sparkling return of a Kansas punt in the second quarter. Trapping the ball on his 20-yard line, the Nebraska ace whirled away from one tackler and sidestepped another, racing 59 yards before he was forced out of bounds on the Kansas 21-yard line. The play set up the pins for the second Nebraska touchdown for a beautiful catch of a forward pass by Oehlrich and a six-yard smash by Howell, planted the oval on the Jayhawker two-yard line. After Howell had made a yard, Bronson dove over the wall for the score.

Howell, rid of the injury jinx, also was clicking along in high gear. He smashed over for two touchdowns and made consistent gains through the line or around the end.

The work of Center James, Tackle Richards and Guard McMullen stood out in the line. James broke into the score column, a feat seldom accomplished by a center in university football.

James Has Fun

James scored in the third quarter when a pass by Presnell was practically blocked by a Kansas back. The ball grazed the hands of the Jayhawker defender and James reached up and trotted the remaining five yards without opposition. James enjoyed a big day, for a few seconds later he intercepted a Jayhawker pass and returned the oval to the K. U. 23-yard line, from which position the Huskers marched to their sixth touchdown.

The bright spot in the Kansas play was the carefully groomed aerial attack which the Jayhawkers flashed in the second period. The Kansans with Cooper and Lawrence doing the hurling, shot passes with precision which left the Huskers flat on their feet. The Kansas passing attack during the second period looked more deadly than the widely heralded Syracuse threat of last Saturday.

Deadly Air Drive

The Lawrence to Cooper pass which scored the Kansas touchdown was good for 25 yards, Cooper catching the ball near the sidelines and racing 51 yards across the final chalk mark. Kansas also had a pair of good plungers in Propernick and Lyman, the latter factoring in the fourth period drive which ripped open the Nebraska reserves, and counted the second Kansas touchdown.

Nebraska scored five minutes after the game opened. A quick kick by Presnell on the play following the kickoff set the Jayhawkers back on their 11-yard line. Presnell ran the Kansas punt back to the Kansas 42-yard line, and after Oehlrich had reeled off a first down, Ash dropped on a Husker fumble and Lyman’s punt set the Huskers back to midfield.

Blue Goes Across

A 20-yard end run by Presnell and a 14-yard journey around the other wing by Howell left the Kansas defense befuddled and Howell soon battered his way across for the score.

Presnell’s 59-yard return of a Kansas punt gave the Huskers position for another touchdown early in the second quarter, Bronson going across. The Jayhawkers hurled 16 passes during this quarter and got one touchdown, Nebraska leading 137 at the halftime.

The Jayhawks had early discovered the strength of the Nebraska forward wall, and the opening of the third quarter found the Kansas team again bombarding with aerial flips. This time the Nebraska defense was playing heads up football.

Passes Go Awry

Oehlrich returned the opening kickoff to midfield and Nebraska mixed straight football with forward passes to march down the rectangle without losing the ball. A 25-yard run by Presnell paved the way for the score, Howell furnishing the final smash that dynamited the Kansas works.

The remainder of the period was just one intercepted pass after another. Howell snared the first Kansas effort and returned to midfield. The Huskers never relinquished the ball until Center James had plucked the oval out of the air and planted it behind the goal line.

Kansas received the kickoff and completed one forward pass. The second fell into the waiting arms of James, and the Huskers juggernaut got into motion, Presnell scoring.

Sloan Goes 90 Yards

Captain “Jug” Brown soon got his hands on another Kansas pass and made a thrilling 14-yard return out of the arms of two tacklers. A Presnell-Farley pass gained 21 yards, and Presnell was soon racing across for the fifth Nebraska score.

The reserves finished the third period which ended with Nebraska in front, 41 to 7.

Kansas scored fairly early in the fourth period, Lyman carrying the ball across. Sloan’s sensational 90-yard return of the kickoff left the final score 47-13, in favor of the Huskers.

It was Homecoming Day in the Cornhusker camp, and a crowd of 15 thousand saw the game, a last-minute demand for tickets shoving the original attendance estimate up five thousand.


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