Nebraska 7
Iowa 0

Nov. 7, 1931 • Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb.

Nebraska Reaches Peak of Form in Humbling Hawkeyes by 7 to 0

Parts of this game recap are illegible.

Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 7—It was Marvin Paul of Fremont, captain for a day, who capped a fruitless Cornhusker offensive with a touchdown in the third period Saturday afternoon, then George Koster bisected the uprights with a placekick.

This comprised the scoring in the fortieth anniversary combat between Nebraska and its most ancient foeman, the Hawkeyes from Iowa City.

Nebraska 7, Iowa 0, but the difference in strength of the elevens was even greater than the reckoning indicates.

Hawks Never Threaten

Iowa never had a chance. Its efforts at power plays piffled away into weak little thrusts, broken by the mighty men o’ the Husker line.

Iowa had nothing in the way of a passing offense.

In the fourth quarter, a fleet galloper named Howard Moffitt managed to sweep the Scarlet end three or four times for good yardage, but the play in every instance was near midfield, and if Hurrying Howard tried the same thing twice, his second sally was effectively strangled by masses of red. For the Huskers were gang-tackling ’em even as in Fred Dawson’s day. They were laying ’em by the heels, thumping ’em to the turf.

Huskers Balance Account

The Nebraskans had an account to balance, an account that found them deep in a red more brilliant than their own blazing sweaters after the struggle at Iowa City last year. Huge Hugh Rhea, Koster, lovely devil, Ely, Chick Justice, Gargantuan Gail O’Brien, the men of the line—how they sailed the golden rampant, crushed it to bits, frequently jarred the ball luggers to earth for losses.

When Nebraska had the ball, the linemen forced great holes and held them open for Penney and Paul, Kreizinger and Bauer, to tear through.

Rarely did Bauer drop back ... send one of his long passes soaring through the bright sunshine. That wasn’t necessary. The ...

Attack was clicking as it’s never clicked before this season ... three of the laddies behind the line who were making it ... been referred to, for class ... purposes, as the second ... backs.

Sauer in but Does Little

Bernie Masterson, who ... heavy assignment at Missouri last week, was in long enough ... a gallant but fruitless effort ... 40-yard field goal. George Henry Sauer, his leg swathed in bandages, was in and out ... remaining both times for ... moments. He was not called ... to do much carrying.

It was Paul and Penney and Kreizinger, the first string ... and Bauer, who rushed the zone deep into Iowa territory at the start of the game, and held there, for almost the full 60 minutes.

Breaks, mechanical ... cannot be charged ... team play, probably ... least two more Nebraska ... downs.

Paul Fumbles 6 ...

Before the game ... gone, Randahl ... on his own 26-yard line ... Hugh Rhea … smashed through left ... yards, and with Lee ... six more in three plunges ... Bauer passed to Penney ... received less than six inches ... the goal.

Then Paul fumbled, and ... Alexander Rogers recovered.

Iowa couldn’t go, and the Huskers took possession on their 31-yard line. Kreizinger and ... alternated, ripping ... after yard of ... behind them, until ... again were near ... yards from the ... Kilbourne failed to ... extra inch for one of ... passes, and Iowa took the ball on downs. Fullback Oliver Sansen, however, immediately fumbled, and Koster proceeded to turn the bobble into a Nebraska gain. He threw himself on the ball 18 yards from the Iowa goal. The Hawkeyes managed to hold for three downs this time, and Masterson sighted too far west when he essayed his placekick on the fourth down.

Huskers Drive 62 Yards

This sort of thing was too reminiscent of that Kansas game, and it is likely that Dr. Bible so remarked between halves.

The Nebraskan helped belligerently through the dressing room door to start the third period.

Bauer raced 13 yards with Jerome Kriz’s punt to the Nebraska 38-yard line. Kreizinger whirled through center for 11 yards on the first play. Then the Bellwood boy and Marvin Paul began their mighty sweep that did not end until the Iowans had been pushed beyond their goal.

The Nebraska team worked with pretty precision during this 62-yard offensive.

Delayed bucks and runs, whose success is dependent on delicate timing, clicked almost perfectly. Holes were opened, interference swung into action, the ball carriers began their advance on the proper count. The Hawkeyes couldn’t solve the very serious problem.

Paul Runs Back 60 Yards

Seven points looked safe, and after that Kreizinger and then Sauer were pretty frequent with their punts.

The desperate Hawks tried to pass. They quit when Marvin Paul intercepted a pitch from Substitute Quarterback Joe Laws and ran with it 60 yards toward the Iowa goal. He was brought down on the 21-yard line. A 15-yard penalty, inflicted for too intimate hand work, ruined the opportunity to boost the score.

Moffit’s sweeps around the wings rather livened things in the last quarter, but nothing happened to fret the masterminds on the Nebraska bench.

Kriz was the gallant warrior on the Iowa backfield but he couldn’t go far alone. Hickman, who was so devastating last fall, was held captive throughout.

Hawk Line Outclassed

The Hawkeye line, as Professor Burt Ingwersen predicted, simply was outclassed.

It was Dad’s Day, and also the university’s Armistice Day. Before the game, the crowd of 19,000 saw the stadium rededicated to Cornhuskerland’s war dead. The university service flag was born onto the field by members of the Tassels, coed pep club. The Pershing rifles fired a salute. A bugler sounded taps, which was answered by another bugler perched high in the stadium.

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