Nebraska 14
Iowa 0

Nov. 19, 1938 • Iowa Stadium Field, Iowa City, Iowa

Awakened Husker Offense Punches Hawkeye Defense for 14-0 Victory

Hermie Rohrig split the Iowa line at left tackle for the first Nebraska score Saturday, going across from the three-yard line. You can notice the manpower the Nebraskans put into the effort, with one crumpling under the charge, and another one trying ineffectually to stop the momentum. The Iowa line was split effectively to give Rohrig a wide hole through which to charge. Two Huskers have driven out the Iowa end man. ELDON LANGEVIN/THE WORLD-HERALD

Herm Rohrig, Porter Cross Through Line

Iowa Passes Big Help; N. U. Intercepts 9; Make Use of Chances

IOWA CITY, Ia. — There was one very important difference this afternoon between the Cornhuskers, who scored 14 points, and the unhappy Hawkeyes, who scored none.

Twice the Cornhuskers worked their way inside the Iowa five-yard line.

Twice the Cornhuskers scored, and, for the first time this autumn, they scored by puncturing the defense.

Twice the Hawkeyes earned similarly favorable positions. They owned the ball five paces or less from the Nebraskans' goal.

Hawk Passes Fail

But the Hawkeyes couldn't make a touchdown. They had but one hope. That was to throw the ball. When the pitches were made in crises they either kissed the turf or were fielded by one of the kids in red.

Among them, Nile Kinnick, Frank Balazs and Floyd Dean threw 34 times. Fifteen successful catches netted 220 yards and a dozen first downs, but no permanent profit. The most all this leathery bombardment accomplished was those two swell opportunities that came to nothing. The Hawkeyes simply couldn't war their way into the end zone. Five first downs and 135 yards by plunging and sprinting netted the Huskers their touchdowns.

Rohrig Turns Tide

The outcome was decided late in the first quarter on Herman Rohrig's smash through left tackle from the three-yard line, and Herman's own successful follow-up placement, but there was enough uncertainty during the ensuing 40 or so minutes to keep the 11 thousand onlookers anxious or hopeful.

Forty-five seconds remained when George Porter bulled his way through the middle from two yards out, and Will Andreson kicked the point that made the total 14.

Between this scoring the Hawkeyes passed and passed and passed and got nothing but exercise. Their passing actually benefited the other side.

Lesson from Pitt

The way the Huskers made the most of their chances suggested the conclusion that Pitt's conduct a week ago impressed them mightily. They did a pretty competent job of emulating Dr. Sutherland's Panthers.

Here is the story behind the first touchdown: Balazs faded back to pass, Bob Mills rushed him, he fumbled. Mills fell on the ball on the Hawkeye 37. From there, three plays produced points. First Rohrig whirled through left tackle for six yards. Then Jack Dodd scampered around right end and kept scampering until Jack Eicherly bunted him across the sideline three yards from the goal. Rohrig's smash through left tackle finished the job.

Penalties Hinder

The Huskers had other opportunities before they finally campitalized at the finish. Two were nullified by 15-yard penalties for holding on pass interceptions. Late in the second quarter Dodd seized Dean's long throw on the Husker 15 and raced 54 yards where Dean himself tackled him. But the play was recalled for the infliction of a fine that gave the Nebraskans the ball one yard from their goal. From there the only play was a punt, and that's what Bus Knight did.

The other costly disciplining was inflicted not long before Porter scored so as matters eventuated, it only caused a slight delay.

Knight's Run Ruled Out

Bus Knight gathered in one of Nile Kinnick's desperate heaves from the end zone and ran it back 17 yards to the Hawkeye four, but the referee grabbed the ball and paced 15 yards toward the Huskers' goal.

So the Huskers went to work from the 23. Again Dodd made most of the distance on a single sprint. He swept around right end and kept going until Kinnick dragged him down on the seven. Butch Luther advanced the scrimmage to the two with a fine job of skirting the other wing. Then Porter rammed it over.

The only three penalties levied on the Huskers were for holding on pass interceptions. One did not stifle a scoring threat.

The Hawkeyes made their bids in the third quarter. Passes advanced the battle zone many yards at a clip. Balazs threw to Kinnick, Ray Murphy and Erwin Prasse. Kinnick threw to Balazs and the ends. A 47-yard aerial thrust at the start of the third quarter produced a first down on the Husker three. But the redshirted linemen held and on fourth down Kinnick threw wild into the end zone.

Ten minutes later similar tactics carried the warring to the Husker four, but on fourth down Dodd knocked down Balazs' throw on the goal line.

When the going was tight the Nebraska secondary did fine work against the thrusts from the air. Nine times the boys behind the line made interceptions. Outstanding was the work of a much improved Butch Luther, who played the outfield in a manner reminiscent of Lloyd Cardwell.

Grand Quick-Kicking

Knight's clever quick-kicking was pestiferous and embarrassing to the Iowans. On several occasions he booted the ball over the safety man's head. Once he sent it across the sideline one yard from the Iowans' goal.

Iowa presented a fairly formidable defensive right side early in the game but later neither side could check the Huskers when prospects for points loomed.

The Hawkeyes had no running attack. Just once did a back get away fro substantial yardage. He was Kinnick, who broke through left tackle and dashed 21 yards before Luther nailed him. Several times the Jones' boys accomplished feats like this: On the first play after the kickoff Rohrig chugged around left end and bounced 30 yards.

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