#19 Penn State 10
Nebraska 0

Oct. 18, 1952 • New Beaver Field, State College, Penn.

Gallant Huskers Finally Wilt in Last Half, 10-0

Triple trouble surrounds Dick Jones as Jerry Minnick, Jim Sommers and Bill Schabacker brake Penn State on the two-yard line. It's just a sample of the fine defense. JOHN SAVAGE/THE WORLD-HERALD

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Nebraska’s unbeaten streak ended abruptly here Saturday afternoon as Penn State’s rugged Nittany Lions managed a 10-0 victory.

But 30 thousand Penn State Homecoming Day fans cheered the Huskers for a great defensive effort which held the unbeaten Lions scoreless until late in the third period.

Three times Coach Bill Glassford’s defensive platoon accomplished terrific goal line stands to thwart Penn State scoring drives.

Not Easy for Penn State

It was beginning to look as if the Huskers just weren’t going to let the Lions get the feel of the end zone but it finally happened just before the last quarter opened.

After a punt was returned to the Husker 49-yard line, Coach Rip Engle’s Staters finally carried all the way.

But it wasn’t easy. The Husker linemen piled up two running plays from the five and then were helpless on a third down play.

But it wasn’t easy. The Husker linemen piled up two running plays from the five and then were helpless on a third down play.

Jesse Arnelle, the 6-5 end who had been used most of the game as a pass decoy, managed to get free behind Dan Brown in the end zone.

Bad Snapback Hurts

Passer Tony Rados rifled the ball to him and that was the only touchdown.

The other points came on a 16-yard field goal by Bill Leonard midway in the last period.

It was something of a gift after the Huskers had handed the ball to Penn State on the 24-yard line.

Nebraska had the ball on the Lions’ 46-yard line and Jim Cederdahl was back for a four-down punt.

Center Bob Oberlin then committed his third bad snapback. The ball sailed far over Cerderdahl’s head and when he was finally able to retrieve it, he was dropped on the 24-yard line.

Leonard Duplicates Kick

Again the defensive line, led by Jerry Minnick, Ed Husmann, Verl Scott, Carl Brasee, Dennis Emanuel and Bill Schabacker, checked the Lions short of scoring territory.

But Leonard’s kick from an angle was squarely through the uprights. It duplicated a three-pointer he made against Nebraska at Lincoln last year.

The Huskers ground out 143 yards on running plays in the first half but could add only 67 in the last two periods.

They were just too busy trying to stop Penn State’s attack.

When they did get the ball after the intermission, they couldn’t get rolling without the help of absent Bob Reynolds.

Huskers Turned Back Twice

Each side had two chances in the scoreless first half but failed to cash in.

Nebraska marched 70 yards on the ground at the end of the first period but lost the ball on downs on the 21-yard line as the second period opened.

Another Husker march carried 83 yards but ended with Brodogna’s frantic fourth-down pass from the 10-yard line being intercepted in the end zone by Don Bailey with only eight seconds left before intermission.

It took some stout defensive play by the Huskers to check two Penn State first-half drives, both of which carried closer to the goal than Nebraska managed to advance.

Bordogna fumbled an attempted pitch-out early in the second period and Bailey recovered only 30 yards out from the Husker goal.

The Lions carried to the six-yard line but Matt Yanosich fumbled at that point and Jerry Minnick recovered.

The Pennsylvanians were back knocking on the door again shortly but the Husker rose to the occasion after three passes had been completed in a row.

A fourth-down throw was messed up and Nebraska gained the ball on downs on its seven-yard line.

Can’t Last Forever

So at the half, Nebraska’s chances still looked good, even though the Easterners were favored to win by 13 points.

and the defensive success continued for one more stand in the third period. This time the ball was taken over on the two-yard line.

But that sort of thing just couldn’t go on forever and the next time the Lions came down, they went all the way.

Coach Rip Engle paid tribute to the Husker defense by saying it was just about the best defensive line we have run into this year. " Those forwards just wouldn’t give in," he said.

Huskers Eye Colorado

Coach Glassford opined, "We made too many mistakes and didn’t take advantage of the scoring chances in the first half."

Scott and Don Boll were the only Huskers to suffer injuries. Boll went out with a bad knee and Scott got a broken nose.

The Huskers were downcast in their dressing room but Glassford consoled them with these words:

"Forget about it, this game is over. The one we really want is next week."

That’s when the Huskers face their biggest chore of the season to date, against Colorado at Boulder.


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