Texas A&M 27
Nebraska 0

Oct. 8, 1955 • Memorial Stadium, Lincoln

Aggie Precisionists Baffle Huskers, 27-0

The eyes of Nebraska are upon you, Rex Fisher, as you head for Texas territory. So watch for the pass which Harry Johnson sends your way on a 12-yard gain. THE WORLD-HERALD

LINCOLN — Texas A&M gave Nebraska a 27-0 lesson in football Saturday afternoon.

The course of instruction included ball-handling, tackling, blocking and effective use of the pitch-out.

The young Texas club was so adept in all these departments it roared to 21 points during a weird second quarter, then coasted the entire second half.

The game was billed as the first Husker test against speed. As anticipated, the Nebraskans could not keep the pace.

Never a Threat

At no time during the 60 minutes did the Cornhuskers muster so much as a feeble scoring threat.

Defensively, the Huskers were busy and bad.

The football performance was so drab the only thrills for Nebraskans were the huge crowd and the massed bands.

The throng, estimated at around 40 thousand, in the final check may top the Memorial Stadium record of 39,770.

The nearly four thousand prep musicians, as usual, were colorfully spectacular and musically thrilling.

Precision Performance

The precision of the 70 bands, however, was mere route step compared with the sharp coordination of the Texas Aggies once Bear Bryant's boys started their second-quarter maneuvering.

The total for this hectic period would have been 24 if Lord Taylor's place kick from the 23 had not been low and wide.

The kick was so close the referee appeared to signal a goal. This sign was called off when the field judge got in his vote.

Two of the Aggie second period touchdowns were set up by Nebraska errors. The other, no gift, was the result of an 87-yard drive.

Diving at Shadows

During these three successful scoring thrusts, the Texans uncorked a convincing display of split-T legerdemain.

Their ball-handling was so deceptive, the hapless Huskers appeared to be diving at shadows and chasing ghosts.

A big, fast and agile bunch of linemen cleared the path or the fast Aggie backs. These forwards threw blocks all over the field.

Defensively, they were so aggressive Nebraska's well-meaning ball carriers were running for the lives most of the afternoon.

Tackle Swipes Pitch

It was alert work by 220-pound Bob Clendennen that set up the first Aggie touchdown.

The big tackle bulled his way into the Nebraska backfield to pirate a Husker pitch-out. Clendennen was downed in his tracks on the Nebraska 31.

This was near the end of the first quarter.

The Aggies needed a fourth-down plunge from fullback Kenneth Hall to get to the 20. They were on the eight when the period ended.

A fourth-down wedge by quarterback Don Grant produced the touchdown.

Another Stray Pitch

A wild southpaw pitch by Nebraska's Willie Greenlaw set up the second A&M tally. The running toss fell into the arms of Aggie George Gillar.

The Texas fullback was brought down on the Nebraska 37, after a 30-yard return.

Gillar sprinted 26 yards to a touchdown four plays later. George found a gaping hole in the middle and shot goalward before the Husker secondary sensed the situation.

An 87-yard drive yielded the third touchdown and consumed only 10 plays.

The pay-off pitch was an eight-yard pass from Grant to halfback Ed Dudley. The Husker defense set for a smash, overlooked Dudley who was alone in the corner to gather in the softie.

Penalties Help Aggies

There was less than 25 seconds in the half, when Dudley's place-kick conversion made the score 21-0.

Before the clock ran out at halftime, Rex Fischer was hit hard and lost possession of the Aggie kick-off and Taylor's place-kick missed from the 23.

The final Aggie touchdown was set up by a pass interception and fired by two Nebraska penalties.

Wright swiped Erway's pitch and ran 14 to the Texas 20 to start the march.

A Nebraska penalty for piling a nice run by Gillar and a couple of passes hustled the Ags to the Nebraska seven.

26 Run Best Effort

An encroachment penalty against the Huskers advanced A&M to the two and Wright rammed over for the touchdown.

Nebraska's best effort was a 26-yard run by fullback George Cifra midway in the fourth quarter. This enabled Nebraska to poke its nose across the mid-field stripe.

This bid was squelched when Erway's pass went haywire.

Nebraska did well in the first quarter.

The Huskers drove the first kick-off from their 12 to the Aggie 45. But a Husker pitch-out backfired, forcing a punt from the Nebraska 39.

More Rough Treatment

Badly outclassed, the Huskers can expect further rough treatment at Pitt next Saturday.

There could be some relief when Nebraska returns to the Big Seven and Missouri the following week.


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