Nebraska 37
Colorado 20

Nov. 12, 1955 • Memorial Stadium, Lincoln

Nebraska's Lightning Strikes Stagger Buffs

Don Erway erases John Bayuk ... to help Willie Greenlaw finish a 95-yard touchdown run. JOHN SAVAGE/THE WORLD-HERALD

LINCOLN — Nebraska set the stage for next Saturday's championship showdown with Oklahoma by winning a 37-20 rouser from Colorado Saturday.

Striking with surprising fierceness, the fast-charging Cornhuskers slashed out a 21-point lead in less than 10 minutes.

This fat cushion gave Nebraska full command all the way.

During the closing quarter, Coach Bill Glassford swept the bench.

A Great Comeback

It was a team victory by a spirited Nebraska club and as the final gun popped, the Nebraska players carried Coach Glassford and his aids onto the playing field.

It was a great comeback by a coaching staff and team scoffed and scorned following the 6-0 upset loss to Hawaii in the season inaugural.

A crowd of 35 thousand sat through the 2 hours and 35 minutes—longest matinee of the home campaign.

Something to Cheer

Nebraska homecoming partisans had something to cheer for first time this year.

They saw the surging Cornhuskers score five touchdowns and a 22-yard field goal.

The five thousand Colorado faithful appeared dazed as the Scarlet line shackled Colorado's touted single wing.

Even more embarrassing to the Buffaloes was Nebraska's ability to peel off consistent yardage, using the Colorado petformation sprung off the split-T attack.

Greenlaw Is Spark

Measured by first downs and yardage, the teams were fairly even, Nebraska enjoying a modest bulge of 15-12 and 284-282.

But statistics meant little as the Cornhuskers, paced by Willie Greenlaw and Rex Fischer, running behind sharp blocking, cut the Buffs to ribbons.

Greenlaw was the spark which exploded the Colorado arsenal.

Almost single-handed, Willie scored the first three touchdowns.

Willie Recovers Fumble

Greenlaw started his one-man show on the opening kick-off, covering the football which squirted from the arms of Buff halfback Monte Briddle on the Colorado 16.

Nebraska needed only five plays to score.

Fischer got the first eight around the Colorado left flank. Greenlaw eluded three tacklers on a five-yard jaunt around the other wing, then Don Erway sneaked for the score and booted the extra point.

The next two touchdowns were strictly Greenlaw productions.

2 TD's in 2 Minutes

Willie picked up a fumbled pitch-out, side-stepped two would be tacklers and swivel-hipped his way 47 yards to six points.

This drive carried 65 yards and again Erway's toe was good for the extra point.

There were less than seven minutes gone when Greenlaw racked up Nebraska's second touchdown.

Just two minutes later Willie had another.

Erway Is Escort

This time he hustled 95 yards with a pirated pass.

The ball, partially deflected by Colorado's Lamar Meyer, was picked off by Greenlaw in baseball fashion.

Willie sailed down the sideline, picking up heavy blocking. Erway escorted him the last 20 yards.

Again Erway converted and Nebraska was out front, 21-0.

Colorado recovered only mildly.

The Buffs' chance came early in the second quarter after two touchdown plunges by Jack Becker and Bill Lamont's conversion enabled the Buffs to press 13-21.

Defense Stiffens

Its lead sliced to eight points, the Cornhusker machine floundered momentarily when Fischer, victim of a jarring tackle, fumbled the kick-off.

Roger Lindwall, former Omaha Benson athlete, recovered for Colorado on the Nebraska 20.

Their backs to the wall, the Husker defenders stiffened.

Guard Don Kampe and tackle Jack Fleming tossed Briddle for a yard loss.

A Colorado lateral got only six, then fullback John Edwards shot the gap and downed Don Strensky for a seven-yard loss.

Fischer Streaks 32

The Nebraska forward wall applied the fourth-down crusher, smothered quarterback Lamont to take possesion on the Husker 23.

Nebraska then marched 77 yards.

Fischer got the big bite—a 32-yard third-down sweep after a 15-yard holding penalty had set the Huskers back to their 17.

Erway got the score with a fourth-down lunge and Nebraska went into the intermission with a 28-13 advantage.

Colorado got no closer than 20-28 in the second half.

Bayuk Bulls 35

This was the lone third-quarter touchdown — a great effort by John (The Bear) Bayuk.

Bayuk, who on four occasions used his 221 pounds to deal the Huskers fits, roared 35 yards to the Nebraska eight.

On the next play, he charged into the line, then whirled to flip a lateral to sophomore teammate Stransky.

The Buff triple-threater took it over and place-kicked the conversion.

There was only 4:30 gone in the third quarter.

Harshman Takes Charge

The Colorado tally, however, didn't worry the Huskers as much as a leg injury which sent quarterback Erway to the sideline.

Sophomore George Harshman, stepping in under pressure, proved efficient relief.

Harshman got his chance when Nebraska recovered Stransky's fumble on the Colorado 12.

Jerry Wheeler, Bob Berguin and Jerry Brown shielded the ball.

George called on Fischer for a sweep and sent Cifra at the other flank.

Field Goal Clincher

After Cifra failed on two times, Harshman flipped to end Jon McWilliams loose in the endzone.

Harshman failed to convert and Colorado with 11:45 left, was within two touchdowns of a tie.

That was the reason Nebraska called on Erway for the successful field goal attempt after a Husker drive bogged with 2:30 to play.

Lack of backfield strength hurt Colorado.

Second Place Clinched

The Buffs' best bet was Bulldozer Bayuk who charged 55, 35, 33 and 40 yards during the afternoon.

The Beast showed more brute strenth than speed, being dragged down from behind on each jaunt.

The Buffs lost center Don Karnosack with a broken wrist the first quarter. Benson grad Lindwall was the relief.

The victory assured Nebraska of at least second place in the Big Seven, the peg it finished on a year ago.

It was the first win over Colorado at Lincoln since 1949.


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