2017 Omaha City Council redistricting plan

The last time the Omaha City Council drew new district boundaries was 2011. Normally the council redistricts every 10 years, after the U.S. Census. But annexations have brought so many new residents to the city's three western districts that the council decided to redistrict sooner.

Districts are supposed to vary in population by 10 percent or less. But the largest district, southwest Omaha's District 5, is about 35 percent larger than the smallest district, northeast Omaha's District 2. (Story)

District 1

Current representative: Pete Festersen

Currently contains Florence, Dundee and Benson and the surrounding areas. Under the new map, it cedes part of Florence and the area around Benson Park to District 2. It picks up the portion of Dundee south of Underwood Avenue along with the area around the Keystone neighborhood.

Current population59,53413.2%
New population64,07314.3%

District 2

Current representative: Ben Gray

The district includes part of northeastern Omaha, from about Forest Lawn Cemetery stretching into downtown, along with Eppley Airfield. It gains the area around Benson Park and Creighton University.

Current population57,09112.7%
New population64,56714.4%

District 3

Current representative: Chris Jerram

The district includes downtown, midtown and the Aksarben area. It loses Creighton and gains parts of the Westside area, including Westgate and Loveland, and Bergan Mercy hospital.

Current population59,28013.2%
New population64,16114.3%

District 4

Current representative: Garry Gernandt

The South Omaha district grows past 72nd Street around Ralston to about 102nd Street.

Current population58,20812.9%
New population64,67214.4%

District 5

Current representative: Rich Pahls

The district includes southwest Omaha, including Lake Zorinsky and the Rockbrook area. It loses the area around Ralston, as well as Elkhorn and other western parts of the district.

Current population77,51417.2%
New population64,00014.2%

District 6

Current representative: Franklin Thompson

The district currently includes the middle portion of western Omaha, including about half of the Elkhorn area. It picks up the other half of Elkhorn and other areas of western Omaha. It loses parts of Westside.

Current population62,99314.0%
New population63,58614.1%

District 7

Current representative: Aimee Melton

The northwestern Omaha district loses the area around the Keystone neighborhood as well as the area that's bounded by Dodge, Blondo, 156th and 168th Streets.

Current population75,15016.7%
New population64,32114.3%