The Nebraska 100

In a historic series, The World-Herald honors Nebraska's all-time greatest athletes.

The Nebraska 100, originally selected in 2005 and then updated and re-ranked in 2015, came from a pool of nearly 500 names from the ranks of high school, college, amateur and professional sports from the past 140 years. Assistance came from a panel of veteran sports observers from across the state, with the newspaper's sports staff determining the final rankings.

After naming the new Nebraska 100, The World-Herald opened voting on a 128-person bracket with the goal of crowning a fan favorite. Visit the vote page to see the matchups, results, nominee biographies and more from the seven-round contest.

100 Jeff Kinney Jeff Kinney
99 Charles Bryant Charles Bryant
98 George Flippin George Flippin
97 Paul Tierney Paul Tierney
96 Curt Tomasevicz Curt Tomasevicz
95 John "Choppy" Rhodes John "Choppy" Rhodes
94 Christina Houghtelling Christina Houghtelling
93 Barrett Ruud Barrett Ruud
92 Kerry Trotter Kerry Trotter
91 Scott Usher Scott Usher
90 Ron Kellogg Ron Kellogg
89 Ken Geddes Ken Geddes
88 Todd Brown Todd Brown
87 Andre Woolridge Andre Woolridge
86 Louise Pound Louise Pound
85 Peaches (James) Keaton Peaches (James) Keaton
84 Danny Noonan Danny Noonan
83 John Parrella John Parrella
82 Johnny Hopp Johnny Hopp
81 Gary Anderson Gary Anderson
80 Fred Hare Fred Hare
79 Tom Osborne Tom Osborne
78 Dave Hoppen Dave Hoppen
77 Brad Vering Brad Vering
76 Angee Henry Angee Henry
75 Nancy Kindig-Malone Nancy Kindig-Malone
74 George Sauer George Sauer
73 Teri (Steer) Cantwell Teri (Steer) Cantwell
72 Joe Orduna Joe Orduna
71 Charles Brock Charles Brock
70 Kelly Lindsey Kelly Lindsey
69 Cory Schlesinger Cory Schlesinger
68 Alice Schmidt Alice Schmidt
67 Les Mann Les Mann
66 Dan Brand Dan Brand
65 Carl Vinciquerra Carl Vinciquerra
64 Verne Lewellen Verne Lewellen
63 Bob Hohn Bob Hohn
62 Howard Debus Howard Debus
61 Val Skinner Val Skinner
60 Danny Woodhead Danny Woodhead
59 Zach Wiegert Zach Wiegert
58 Larry Station Larry Station
57 Phil Cahoy Phil Cahoy
56 Tom Rathman Tom Rathman
55 Les Witte Les Witte
54 Gregg Olson Gregg Olson
53 Joe Stecher Joe Stecher
52 Charles "Deacon" Jones Charles "Deacon" Jones
51 Carol (Moseke) Frost Carol (Moseke) Frost
50 Randy Rasmussen Randy Rasmussen
49 Karen Dahlgren Schonewise Karen Dahlgren Schonewise
48 Scott Frost Scott Frost
47 Dean Steinkuhler Dean Steinkuhler
46 Bobby Reynolds Bobby Reynolds
45 Steve Hokuf Steve Hokuf
44 Roland Locke Roland Locke
43 Bernie Masterson Bernie Masterson
42 Glenn Presnell Glenn Presnell
41 Guy Chamberlin Guy Chamberlin
40 Jordan Hooper Jordan Hooper
39 Julie Vollertsen Julie Vollertsen
38 Jay Novacek Jay Novacek
37 Bobby Williams Bobby Williams
36 Roger Sayers Roger Sayers
35 Terence "Bud" Crawford Terence "Bud" Crawford
34 Kent McCloughan Kent McCloughan
33 Alex Gordon Alex Gordon
32 Bob Cerv Bob Cerv
31 Maurtice Ivy Maurtice Ivy
30 Eric Crouch Eric Crouch
29 Mel Harder Mel Harder
28 Nile Kinnick Nile Kinnick
27 Dave Rimington Dave Rimington
26 Ron Boone Ron Boone
25 Pat Fischer Pat Fischer
24 Johnny Goodman Johnny Goodman
23 Tom Novak Tom Novak
22 Mick Tingelhoff Mick Tingelhoff
21 Ed Weir Ed Weir
20 Gilbert Dodds Gilbert Dodds
19 Lloyd Cardwell Lloyd Cardwell
18 Erick Strickland Erick Strickland
17 Marlin Briscoe Marlin Briscoe
16 Allison Weston Allison Weston
15 Mike McGee Mike McGee
14 Sam Crawford Sam Crawford
13 Ike Mahoney Ike Mahoney
12 Dazzy Vance Dazzy Vance
11 Jim Hartung Jim Hartung
10 Jordan  Larson Jordan Larson
9 Tom Kropp Tom Kropp
8 Ahman Green Ahman Green
7 Richie Ashburn Richie Ashburn
6 Lloyd Hahn Lloyd Hahn
5 Johnny Rodgers Johnny Rodgers
4 Bob Boozer Bob Boozer
3 Grover Cleveland Alexander Grover Cleveland Alexander
2 Gale Sayers Gale Sayers
1 Bob Gibson Bob Gibson

You can still access the complete 2005 rankings, but The World-Herald’s updated Nebraska 100 was released in a 10-part series with companion feature stories and analysis, as listed below:

July 12: Nos. 100-91   //   Feature: No. 96 Curt Tomasevicz   //   Pospisil: Ranking is no easy task
July 14: Nos. 90-81   //   Feature: No. 94 Christina Houghtelling   //   Pospisil: Pound stands test of time
July 16: Nos. 80-71   //   Feature: No. 93 Barrett Ruud   //   Pospisil: Brock's stock still rises
July 18: Nos. 70-61   //   Feature: Marion Hudson   //   Pospisil: The energizer runner, Schmidt kept on going
July 19: Nos. 60-51   //   Feature: No. 60 Danny Woodhead   //   Pospisil: Station left lasting mark
July 21: Nos. 50-41   //   Feature: No. 53 Joe Stecher   //   Pospisil: Appreciation for Scott Frost grows
July 23: Nos. 40-31   //   Feature: No. 40 Jordan Hooper   //   Pospisil: Talented trio could still climb
July 24: Nos. 30-21   //   Feature: No. 35 Terence "Bud" Crawford   //   Pospisil: Crouch's college feats shine
July 25: Nos. 20-11   //   Feature: No. 33 Alex Gordon   //   Pospisil: McGee rates among state's hoops greats
July 26: Nos. 10-1   //   Feature: No. 10 Jordan Larson-Burbach   //   Pospisil: Fresh faces could join 2025 list

July 27 to Aug. 19: Fan vote. The World-Herald asked readers to pick their favorite Nebraska athlete of all-time in a seven-round vote that ended with the crowning of a fan champion.