LeBron James defends passing to Kyle Korver in closing minute of Wednesday's Game 3 loss

LeBron James has been criticizing for passing the ball to an open Kyle Korver in the final minute of Wednesday's 118-113 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

On Thursday, James said he'd do it again if the opportunity presented itself.

In his quote, James calls Korver, a former Creighton star, "one of the greatest 3-point shooters in this league's history," before going on to say he'd give him another chance at what would have likely been a game-sealing 3-pointer.

According to ESPN, Korver shot 59 percent from the left corner — where he took Wednesday's shot. That's the best among NBA players with at least 40 attempts.

In fact, the shot was as close to a 50-50 shot as can be. Korver was 7 of 14 from that spot in the 2017 playoffs heading into Wednesday's game.

Check out the video below for James' full response.

via ESPN

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