NFL ranks Ndamukong Suh the best draft pick out of Nebraska by a wide margin

According to the NFL, Ndamukong Suh is the best draft pick out of Nebraska since 2000 — and it's not even close.

The NFL started a series rating the top draft picks since 2000 for the 30 schools that have produced the most players in that span.

The formula awards points based on success. For example, an MVP is worth seven points, while winning Offensive or Defensive Player of the Year is six. First-team All-Pro (5 points), Rookie of the Year (4), Pro Bowl selection within a player's first two professional seasons (2) and other Pro Bowl selections (1) are the other ways to earn points. The totals are then multiplied by the round the particular player was drafted in. For example, a first-round pick would have a total multiplied by 1.1, a second-rounder by 1.2 and so on.

Behind Suh, who had 28.6 points, are, in order, Carl Nicks (10.5), Lavonte David (7.2), Mike Brown (7.2) and Richie Incognito (3.9).

Kyle Vanden Bosch, Dominic Raiola and Chris Kelsay earned honorable mentions.

The Huskers' 68 total draft picks is tied for 15th among all schools in that span.


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