Former Husker Brandon Reilly misses flight, takes Uber from Chicago to Buffalo

Keeping Brandon Reilly from a team meeting isn't easy.

The former Husker, flying from Omaha to Buffalo with a stop in Chicago, missed his connecting flight. With an 8 a.m. meeting the next day, he had to find a way to get back to Buffalo.

"The flight out of Nebraska just kept getting delayed and my connecting flight just took off right before I got to Chicago," Reilly said. "We looked at alternate routes, different cities closer by, and there was nothing available. Rent a car or get an Uber, and I chose that."

The rookie practice squad member reportedly arrived for the meeting at 7:15 a.m., 45 minutes earlier than he needed to.

"He thought I typed it in wrong, the destination," Reilly said about his driver. "And he's like ''what time do you need to be there?' And I said 'By eight.' He said 'I'll get it done.' And he got it done."

The roughly 530-mile trip cost him about $900, including a $250 tip.

via ESPN

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