Vincent Valentine can squat more than you (and pretty much everyone else)

If you find yourself trapped under a small car, a giant rock, or anything else that might weigh about 750 pounds, you better hope Vincent Valentine is nearby.

Valentine, the Nebraska defensive tackle who announced earlier this month that he would forego his senior season and enter the NFL Draft, posted a video of himself squatting 745 pounds on Instagram on Monday night. Valentine is currently training for NFL workouts and his Nebraska pro day in March.

If you're not familiar with weightlifting measures, be assured: 745 pounds is a lot. According to Nebraska's weightlifting record book, the most a Husker has ever squatted is 756 pounds (Kevin Lightner, 1987). The most ever squatted by a defensive lineman was 644 pounds (Kent Wells, 1988).

It's doubtful Valentine's most recent lift goes into the books — he's currently training in Phoenix, Arizona right now — but it's a useful bit of context.

Here's the video of Valentine's big lift:

We workin! Max squat day - 745 @exosfootball ????????

A video posted by Vincent Valentine Jr. (@vrvj98) on

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