Former Jay Anthony Tolliver inspired the creation of a new basketball statistic

Anthony Tolliver is so good at one particular aspect of basketball, the people at analytics-based website FiveThirtyEight had to invent a new statistic to measure it.

The former Bluejay has inspired the creation of the "charge rate," which measures how successful players are at drawing charges. It does so by analyzing the number of collision plays in which a player is involved and determining how many produced a positive result (drawing a charge) versus a negative result (getting called for a block).

And Tolliver, who has played for nine teams in nine seasons, has the NBA's best charge rate. According to FiveThirtyEight, Tolliver has successfully drawn charges on 77.7 percent of his collisions since the start of the 2014-15 season. The next closest is Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets at 70.4 percent.

This year, Tolliver's charge rate is at 83 percent (10 charges in 12 collisions).

In an interview with FiveThirtyEight, Tolliver credits former Creighton coach Dana Altman for placing an emphasis on drawing charges and making it an important part of practice. Tolliver apparently drew 49 charges during his Creighton career. The piece mentions that another former Jay — Kyle Korver, who also played for Altman — has a better-than-average charge rate in the NBA this season as well.

“I took those drills to heart," Toliver told FiveThirtyEight, "and (drawing charges) became a major part of the way I play."

Click here to read the entire piece breaking down the "charge rate" statistic in which Tolliver explains what makes him so successful at drawing charges.

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