Former Creighton star Anthony Tolliver discusses how he wants to be remembered

Anthony Tolliver discussed leadership, his role in helping younger players and how he wants his legacy to look when his playing days are over in an interview with NBC Sports.

The former Creighton star talked about how he leads, whether it's on the court or from the bench.

"It's easy to hang your head and say 'I should be on the court,' because everybody's competitors," Tolliver said. "Everybody is here for a reason. We're all great basketball players. So we all feel like we should be on the court, but I've learned from day one in this league, it's not about you, it's about the team."

Tolliver also went on to say how he wants to be remembered.

"My legacy, I want to be known as a man of faith first, family man second, business man third and then a basketball player," he said. "Basketball is what I do, not who I am."

Check out the full video from NBC Sports' "Kings Central" below.

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