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2016 preliminary Nebraska State Assessment scores

Percentage of students meeting or exceeding expectations

Math Reading Writing Science
Grade 7 *% 18% - -
Grade 8 3% 9% 26% 6%

* Some scores were masked by the Nebraska Department of Education if fewer than 10 students were tested on a subject.

** Due to masked scores, this percentage could be higher.

- This grade was not tested on this subject.

2015 state performance rating scores

2015 rating — Needs Improvement

Evidence-based analysis responses

Average score (between 0 and 3) of 5 self-reported responses in each area

Positive partnerships, relationships and student success 2.6
Transitions 2.6
Educational opportunities and access 2.2
College and career ready 3
Assessment 3
Educator effectiveness 3

What to these categories mean?