Omaha World-Herald newsroom staff directory

Christopher Burbach


Position: Reporter

About me: I'm a graduate of Omaha's Archbishop Ryan Catholic High School (may it rest in peace) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The World-Herald has allowed me to report and write stories for 21 of my 25 years as a journalist. Like Warren Buffett, I delivered newspapers in my youth. Unlike Mr. Buffett (unless this part of his history has not been revealed), I also as a boy hoed sugar beet fields and worked as a garbageman, and remember my days in the latter occupation most fondly. What 14-year-old would not appreciate the thrill of riding on the back of a garbage truck, discovering long flourescent light tubes in curbside trash and, like Thor throwing thunderbolts, hurling the tubes into the truck's malodorous maw so they exploded with the most satisfying crash of glass and a small puff of powder? Wow, I'd like to do that right now. That's the only job I've ever enjoyed more than being a reporter.

Phone: 402-444-1057


Twitter: chrisburbach

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