Omaha World-Herald newsroom staff directory

Erin Grace


Position: Columnist

What I do: I try to find interesting stories and get them into the paper. I'm drawn -- like a hipster is to Benson, like a sweet tooth is to the newsroom M&M jar, like a simile is to this job description -- to the idea that everyday life offers something extraordinary.

About me: Born in Omaha. Drank Goody pop. Shopped at Brandeis. Remember when the Gap came to town and when Dundee was affordable. Was a Marian Crusader, a Marquette Warrior AND Golden Eagle. Spent three years teaching English to some of the most generous, interesting teenagers in South Louisiana through Teach For America. Now I try to get that fix through my English teacher husband. We have three terrific, funny, adorable children -- and this is objective, truly. But they think sleep is overrated. Been here for 14 years covering a little bit of everything.

Phone: 402-444-1136


Twitter: ErinGraceOWH


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