Remembering the fallen

A tribute to troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan


Army, Captain

Daniel P. Whitten

Johnston, Iowa

Whitten was part of the 1st Batt., 508th Parachute Infantry Reg., 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Air supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. He died Feb. 2, 2010, from roadside bomb. Whitten was 28 years old.

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"I remember first thinking, ‘Beautiful. He’s a really good-looking man.’ For some reason we got to talking about Harry Potter. I had read all the Harry Potter books, and Dan had read them all, too. My roommate pulled me into the bedroom and she was like, ‘Starr! That one! That one’s a Starr boy. You go get him.’ "

- Wife, Starr Whitten, on meeting her future husband